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The 2007 Syd S Peng Ground Control in Mining Award  

Awarded To: Winton J. Gale

In recognition of his unrivaled ability to use critical mechanics, observation, field measurements, and numerical models to understand complex ground control issues.
Winton Gate was born in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia. in 1952 and attended Newcastle University where he obtained B. Sc [Hons]. Winton atteined It Ph. D. in 1982 in field of stress analysis and deformation modes within a geological rock mass. During 1982-1986 Winton worked with the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), primarily in the Division of Geomechanics. when he applied and further developed this background knowledge to stress related rock deformation modes around underground coal mine roadways and extraction panels. The application and development of this work, in collaboration with others. highlighted the inter relationship of horizontal stress direction and roadway direction in the type and location of rock damage around the mine roadways. This work was applied to rock bolting methods and the concept of directional mining to optimise the stability and development rates for gateroads and longwall panels. From 1986-1989 he was manager of the strata control group within Australian Coal Industry Research Laboratories (AClRL) and from 1989 was a founding membar of a consulting and research company, Strata Control Technology (SCT). Ha and his co-workers at SCT have continued consulting and research in the field of rock mechanics applied to underground mining. During this pariod the application of computer simulation of the rock failure mechanics to the understanding of problems and developmant of solutions in mining has emerged. The approach used was to include the detail of the geology within the simulations and compare the response with observed behaviour and measured cases. This multi faceted approach has been found to be successful and is applied to roadway reinforcement design. pillar design. longwall support design, together with the subsidence and hydrological implications of strata caving and fracture about longwall panels. Winton Gale's work has been conducted and appfied in many countries.

To view his nomination click here: Nomination

About The Syd S Peng Ground Control in Mining Award:

The purpose of the award is to provide recognition to individuals that have demonstrated technical and scientific excellence in advancing the understanding of ground control technologies or approaches by either publication or direct applications in the mining industry.


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