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The 2003 Moore Medal Award  

Awarded To: Kang, Jung-Keuk

For distinction in the development of marine minerals.
Dr. Kang completed his Ph.D. in 1984 in France, and his dissertation addressed the hydrothermal mineralization of the Antilles Arc. At that time there had been few studies of hydrothermal mineralization in arc settings, and his was a pioneering study. Here Dr. Kang acquired his passion for marine minerals.

After post-doctoral research at the U.S. Geological Survey, KORDI management put this relatively young, but dynamic and highly competent scientist in charge of a major new program. Their confidence in Dr. Kang paid off in prestige, recognition, and a steady series of accomplishments attributed to KORDI. The President of Korea commended him for his efforts that helped to bring Korea to Prime Investor status under the United Nations International Seabed Authority regime. Under Dr. Kang's leadership, the Marine Minerals Program became the second largest Program in KORDI after their Antarctic Program. KORDI's excellent international research and exploration continues through their Deepsea Resources Research Center, a legacy for which that Dr. Kang can be proud.

Dr. Kang’s initiation, development, and management of KORDI are impressive in the scope of his vision and the resultant accomplishments that followed. He has contributed greatly to a vibrant, world-class research program, which has become one of the most substantial undertakings within KORDI.

Within a few short years, through his remarkable leadership, the KORDI Marine Minerals Program has been able to complete the extensive research, development, and site selection requirements mandated for status of Prime Investor in the Clarion-Clipperton manganese nodule zone. At the same time, Dr. Kang spearheaded the development of research laboratories, a new research vessel, and a well-balanced research program.

Dr. Kang’s comprehensive knowledge and unique experience are now valued assets of the wider community through his associations with the International Seabed Authority and his extensive network of international friends and colleagues. His total body of accomplishments is outstanding, and the Society is honored to present this award to Dr. Kang.

About The Moore Medal Award:

The International Marine Minerals Society presents The Moore Medal award on occasion when the career of an eminent figure in marine mining and mineral activities warrants such an honor.


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