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The 1998 Moore Medal Award  

Awarded To: Jack E. Flipse

For distinction in the development of marine minerals.
Deep Sea Ventures Inc., Industry Leader, Confrontationist, and Visionary

In 1963, Jack Flipse , then a senior official at Newport News Shipbuilding Co., initiated a program, based on John Mero's work, to develop a commercial operation to produce metals from deep seabed manganese nodules. He formed a new company, Deep Sea Ventures Inc., later the lead partner in Ocean Mining Associates (OMA), and carried out the first serious tests on the production and environmental effects of deep seabed mining, in 1966 on the Blake Plateau. This test was very successful and effectively put to rest the then current myth that mining the seabed at that depth would reawaken some long dormant species of sea creature which would at the very least envelop the mining vessel and all its crew with an impenetrable coaling of green slime. More than innovative, DSV was refreshingly open about the work they were doing, and the goals they had set. Mr. Flipse was always ready to argue his case publicly, and secrets were not a part of his company's approach.

About The Moore Medal Award:

The International Marine Minerals Society presents The Moore Medal award on occasion when the career of an eminent figure in marine mining and mineral activities warrants such an honor.


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