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The 1998 Moore Medal Award  

Awarded To: John L. Mero

For distinction in the development of marine minerals.
Mining Engineer, Academic, and Visionary

In 1958, while a post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, John Mero was asked to look at some unusual black nodules dredged up from deep water in the Pacific during a Scripps cruise. He recognized them as the same nodules described in detailed reports of the HMS Challenger Expedition, in 1873. His analyses confirmed that the nodules, were they on land, would represent rich ores of manganese, copper, nickel, and cobalt. His subsequent publications and enthusiastic projections of the value of these marine minerals to society resulted in the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development over the next 20 years and laid the foundation for the marine mining industry as we know it today.

About The Moore Medal Award:

The International Marine Minerals Society presents The Moore Medal award on occasion when the career of an eminent figure in marine mining and mineral activities warrants such an honor.


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