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Mailing Address

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
Englewood, CO 80112

Toll Free: 1-800-763-3132
Main Number: 303-948-4200 

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Customer Service 

For Change of Address, Membership Directory Information, Dues Payment Information, Mailing List Sales, Memorabilia Sales, Education Materials and Teaching Aid Sales, Login and Password issues please contact SME Customer Service.

Phone: 303-948-4200

Toll Free: 800-763-3132 (outside of Denver, CO metro area)

Fax: 303-973-3845


SME Departments 

Divisions & Local Sections
Customer Service
Exhibits Management
SME Foundation
Information Services
Mining Engineering
Mining Engineering Advertising
Web Management

Fax numbers 

Customer Service (303)-933-6269
Bookstore/E-books (303)-933-6269
Meetings (303)-979-3461
Membership (303)-948-4265
General (303)-973-3845

If you do not know the specific fax number for your purposes, please send your fax to SME's main fax number: (303) 973-3845. 

Staff Contacts

Customer Service
Gwen Lipkie (303) 948-4200
Senior Customer Service Representative Change of Address, Education Materials, Memorabilia Sales Computer Records, Mailing List Sales, Teaching Aid Sales, Dues Payment Information, Membership Directory Information, Login and Password Issues
Audrey O'Shea (303) 948-4200
Customer Service Representative  
Ann Hoopingarner

(303) 948-4200

Customer Service Representative  
Carol Kiser 
(303) 948-4225
Customer Service Representative Book Sales/E-books

Michelle Davidson

(303) 948-4262
Customer Service Manager Customer Service
Membership Services
Tim Reagan
(303) 948-4266
Director of Operations  
Tara Davis
(303) 948-4215
Programs Manager  
Kendra Elrod
(303) 948-4229
Membership Clerk Membership Services

Angie Grace 

(303) 948-4230
Section Coordinator Retention
Billie Emas
(303) 948-4204
Membership & Marketing Coordinator

Membership Information, Marketing, Tradeshows,

Affinity Programs

Tim Reagan
(303) 948-4266
Director of Operations  
Steve Kral
(303) 948-4245
Publications Editor Editorial
Bill Gleason
(303) 948-4234
Senior Editor Industry News Features 
Georgene Renner
(303) 948-4254
Senior Editor  Section and Society News, Peer Review: M&E, MMP, Transactions
Chee Theng
(303) 948-4240
Technical Editor SME Transactions Volume, Minerals and Metallurgical Processing
Ken Goering
(303) 948-4243
Media Manager/Adv. Sales  Advertising Sales, Production
Jennifer Bauer
(303) 948-4238
Production Designer  
Jane Olivier
(303) 948-4200
Books Manager Books and Acquisitions
Meetings and Exhibits
Tim Reagan
(303) 948-4266
Director of Operations  
Carol Cudworth
(303) 948-4214
Meetings Manager  
Liz Jones
(303) 948-4216 
Meetings Coordinator Exhibits, Sponsorships, Meeting Registrations
Raven Refuerzo
(303) 948-4223
Technical Program Assistant Technical Program
Tara Davis
(303) 948-4215
Programs Manager Technical Programs and Preprints
Dianna Gury
(303) 948-4213
Exhibit Sales & Operations  
Justin Courtney  (303) 948-4228
Exhibits Assistant  
Mona Vandervoort
(303) 948-4227
Education Coordinator  Career Information, Student Chapters, Membership Education, College Program Accreditation, NSTA
Tara Davis
(303) 948-4215
Membership Manager Short Courses
SME Foundation
Rachel Grimes (303) 948-4247
Minerals Education Coalition Outreach Coordinator  Public Awareness Outreach
AnnMarie Kochevar (303) 948-4239
Foundation Manager  
Lorie Laessig (303) 948-4246
Foundation Assistant  
Megan Wayne (303) 948-4224
Fundraising Coordinator  
Rebecca Smith (303) 948-4263
Minerals Education Coalition Curriculum Coordinator  K - 12 Education
Professional Engineers Exam Committee
Andrew Schissler (303) 948-4252
Professional Engineers Exam Coordinator  
Public Affairs & Government Relations
Jackie Dorr (303) 948-4244
Manager, Communications  
John Hayden (303) 948-4250
Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations  
Heather Gravning (303) 948-4203
Manager, Social Media  SME Community & social media
Website Management
Login or Password Issues (303) 948-4200 
Customer Support   
Paul Hoiberg (303) 948-4251
IS Manager  
Chris Buck (303) 948-4249 
Technical Webmaster  For login or password issues please contact Customer Service. (303) 948-4200 
Gregg Riggs (303) 948-4201
Web Developer  
Mike Hedges (303) 948-4219
Director of Finance and Administration  

Michelle Davidson

(303) 948-4262
Human Resources Manager  
Joe Mow
(303) 948-4217
Accounting Manager  
Beverly Mead
(303) 948-4221
Accounts Receivable  
Kris Mears
(303) 948-4218
Accounts Payable  
Executive Office
Dave Kanagy
(303) 948-4210
Executive Director  

Genny Homyack 

(303) 948-4211
Executive Assistant  



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