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SME eNews
SME heading to Boy Scout National Jamboree
West Virginia – here we come! SME is responsible for introducing the Mining in Society Merit Badge at the 2013 Boy Scout National Jamboree at The Summit in West Virginia from July 15-24. It is expected that 50,000 Scouts, Venturers, volunteers and staff from all over the United States will participate. If any SME members will be attending the Jamboree, we hope you will spend some time at our exhibit, located in the Action Point area.

Scouts who complete activities related to Mining in Society will be awarded with one of the 5,000 prelaunch patches designed especially for the 2013 Jamboree. Our activities are related to personal protection equipment and mine safety (thanks to CONSOL Energy), the electrical conductivity properties of various minerals and the importance of minerals and mining in our everyday lives.

Thanks to the 19 SME volunteers who will be interacting with the Scouts at our exhibit and presenting them with our prelaunch patch, which is sure to become a collector’s item!

SME’s sustainability efforts go international
SME played a leading role in the international conference on Sustainable Development (SD) in the Mining Industry, held in Greece June 30-July 3. More than 180 attendees from 30 countries heard over 100 professional papers on topics covering mining and sustainable development. SME’s 2010 president Nikhil Trivedi moderated a session that covered the activities of the mining and sustainability task force he chairs for World Federation of Engineering Organizations. His session included presentations from four members of the international task force from Canada, China, Finland and the U.S. Topics ranged from a methodology to integrate SD performance in the mine design and planning process, to examples of reuse, repurposing and the recycling of minerals to improve resource efficiency in mining; from environmentally sound engineering technologies and practices in mining, to a framework of a toolbox for risk management in the minerals sector. SME also moderated a panel discussion on Alternative Perspectives in Mining and Sustainability that included a presentation by 2013 SME president Jessica Kogel on mining industry initiatives in SD.

Call for nominations for SME’s new health and safety awards
SME’s Health and Safety committee is pleased to announce a call for nominations for its new health and safety awards as listed below.

Health and Safety Individual Excellence award - presented to a member of the industry who demonstrates outstanding dedication, leadership or heroism in exploration, mining and/or metallurgy occupational safety and health management.
Health and Safety Operational Excellence award - presented to a mining company engaged in exploration, mining and/or metallurgy with exemplary occupational health and safety management performance and practices.
Health and Safety Research and Educational Excellence award - presented to an individual or a research or educational institution exemplifying exceptional innovation and dedication toward advancement in technology or education for the protection and well-being of miners.

Through its award program, SME’s Health and Safety committee recognizes individuals, companies, research and educational institutions demonstrating exceptional leadership, dedication or innovation in the area of occupational health and safety management for mining, metallurgy and exploration.

Nominations are due by July 31. Any SME member may nominate a candidate for any award. Click here to download the required nomination form. Direct any questions to

From Stone Age paints to today: Mining Engineering covers it all
As tempers rise at the Gogebic Taconite mine in Wisconsin and mining gets underway again at the Grasberg Mine in Indonesia, SME president Jessica Kogel weighs in on mining’s role in world history, and SME’s contribution to the history in the July issue of Mining Engineering. Mining Engineering Online covers the daily headlines, and the bigger picture is offered in the easy-to-read online flip book, available to members only.

Seeking SME representative
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), with support from the United Engineering Foundation (UEF), is preparing a webinar, “Bridging the gap between climate change science and engineering practice.” The purpose of the webinar is to inform engineers of all disciplines that evidence from observational and analytical climate/weather science indicates that changes of climate will affect demands for and the performance of engineered systems, and that authoritative sources exist for guidance and recommendations for adaptation of engineered systems to a changing climate.

We invite SME to provide one or more participants in the task force to complete development of the webinar. Most of the activity will occur by correspondence, but there will be a workshop held at ASCE headquarters in Reston, VA to critique a near final draft and develop recommendations for completion and distribution of the webinar. There is funding in the project to support the participation of one representative of SME in the workshop (other representatives will be welcome to participate but without project funding).

The proposed sections of the webinar are: review of climate change science, effects on engineering sectors, incorporating climate science into engineering practice, summary, conclusions and recommendations.

If interested, contact:
Richard N. Wright, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE
Vice Chair, ASCE Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate

New summer webinars: check them out!
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2:00 p.m. MDT
Jamal Rostami, Associate Professor
Pennsylvania State University
“A discussion on TBM cutter change time and cutter consumption”

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2:00 p.m. MDT
Zhi Huang, CFD Engineer, Research & Development
“Designing new rotors and stators for flotation cells using CFD”

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2:00 p.m. MDT
Anthony Iannacchione, associate professor
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Nicole Iannacchione, senior geological specialist
GAI Consultants, Inc.
“Selected factors affecting longwall mine layouts in the Pittsburgh coalbed of southwestern Pennsylvania”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
9:00 a.m. MDT
Richard Adsero
GBI Mining Intelligence
“What will halt the worldwide decline in equipment performance?”

For details and to register, go to:

How to increase CO2 absorption rates in carbonate solutions
To meet the growing need for CO2 capture and storage technology, Michigan Technological University is researching CO2 capture: “Increased carbon dioxide absorption rates in carbonate solutions through surfactant addition,” by Spigarelli et al. Find this and other abstracts online at the Minerals & Metallurgical Processing journal.

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Last call for nominations!
It is that time of year in which SME needs your support in selecting the future leadership for our society. SME is asking for your assistance in nominating and/or recommending members (including yourself) to serve the society in one of the following roles:

2016 SME President
2015 – 2018 SME Board Member-at-large (two will be selected)
Members for all SME Strategic Committees

To assist you in making a recommendation, the following criteria have been provided for your review. The president must be a current member of the society and must meet several additional qualifications (see here for details). Board members must be current members; in addition, the qualifications for president may be considered for guidance. Strategic committee members must be current members and have an interest in a topic covered by one of the committees. For a review of the strategic committees, click here. For a list of the current SME board of director and strategic committee members, click here.

Please forward any recommendations with a photo and brief bio for consideration to Mary O’Shea ( no later than July 31, 2013. The nominations will be reviewed at the September midyear meeting by the SME nominating committee.

New from the SME Bookstore
2013 Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference: 2013 Proceedings,
edited by Michael A. DiPonio and Chris Dixon
Every two years, industry leaders and practitioners from around the world gather at the Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC) to learn about the most recent advances and breakthroughs in this unique field. 2013 Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference: 2013 Proceedings, edited by Michael A. DiPonio and Chris Dixon, includes more than 100 papers from industry experts, highlighting their most recent projects and sharing real-world experiences that will keep you up-to-date on the latest tunneling trends and technologies. From caverns and large spans, contracting practices, tunnel linings, and design and planning to geotechnical considerations and instrumentation, ground stabilization, equipment applications and risk management, this proceedings has the cutting-edge and innovative information you should have to meet the needs of the ever-important tunneling field. As with past conferences, a significant number of the papers are by international authors, providing insight into projects and practices from across the globe. A fully searchable CD containing the entire proceedings is also included.

The Aggregates Handbook, 2nd edition
For more than two decades, The Aggregates Handbook has been the industry’s source for aggregates technology and knowledge. The second edition of this comprehensive reference tool includes new and updated material, including rapidly changing technologies in the aggregates industry. It also includes expanded coverage of developments in sustainability, production technology, safety, transportation, design, technology standards and industry trends. Whether you are new to the industry, a seasoned professional or simply curious about aggregates mining, you will find this volume informative and a valuable reference book.

SME Annual Meeting 2013:
Looking back
If you missed the SME Annual Meeting in Denver, you can still view the keynote and other select programs:

  • Mineral & Metallurgical Processing: Plenary Session
  • Innovations in Metallurgical Processing Symposium: Keynote Session
  • Environmental: Process Solution and Drainage Management for the Metal Mining Sector
  • Mining & Exploration: Operations: When Optimization, Planning and Reliability Collide in Surface Operations
To view, click here.
SME Annual Meeting 2014:
Looking ahead
The 2014 SME Annual Meeting Call for Papers/Abstract Submission Site is now available to all prospective authors. To access, you will need to go to the address below. Once there, click on the blue Abstract Central button and create an account.

2014 SME Annual Meeting
February 23-26, 2014
Where: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Reminder: Financial reports needed
SME is required to report Local Section finances as part of our annual tax return. Each Local Section is responsible for submitting a report detailing your section’s finances for the fiscal year (October 1-September 30). If your section fails to provide us with this information for the group filing, you may have to file individually and the SME Board of Directors will consider closing the Section. Per IRS regulations, if your section fails to provide a completed financial statement for two years in a row, SME will be required to close your section.

The following sections have not submitted financial reports in a year or more. If you know anyone in these sections, please have them contact SME, as their Section status is in jeopardy:
  • Arkansas
  • Arklatex
  • Northern Nevada
  • Utah
SME supports local sections in a variety of ways, as noted online at SME Division & Local Section Coordinator Tessa Baxter is ready to assist you in any way possible to help you support your Local Section. Please contact Tessa with any questions, concerns or suggestions: email or call 303-948-4208.

Prepare for PE with SME experts
Take SME’s PE Review Course and work with the best in the business. Dirk Van Zyl at the University of British Columbia is a longstanding expert in the field of mineral processing and brings to the course extensive knowledge of both the material and the exam itself.
What: Review Course for the Professional Engineer (P.E.) Examination of Mining/Mineral Processing Engineers, 2013
September 7-11, 2013
Where: Marriott St. Louis Airport, St. Louis, MO
2015 Hoist and Haul – call for papers
What: 2015 International Conference on Hoisting and Haulage – Call for papers
June 21-25, 2015
Where: Clarion Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Hoist and Haul covers systems or technology associated with the handling of ore from the point of extraction in the underground mine to the stockpiling on the surface. The conference will also include a focused trade exhibition and local tours. The program encompasses a wide range of topics including shaft hoisting, incline and drift hoisting, conveying, underground rail haulage, tramming and truck haulage.

To submit an abstract, click here.

Let’s work together!
The Campaign for Mining is underway!

The SME Foundation Board of Trustees, SME members and Corporate Roundtable Partners are standing together to support the Foundation and its programs. With support from across the mining and minerals industry, our Campaign for Mining will invest in targeted programs to meet the challenges facing our industry in the years ahead.

Together we are the key to global prosperity!

Foundation programs that need your support:
  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology – to ensure that universities offering degrees in mining, geological and geophysical engineering in the United States maintain high standards.
  • Minerals Education Coalition – develops and disseminates factual and timely curriculum to K-12 educators across the U.S. and globally for use in classrooms, as well as informal education, science and community settings.
  • Professional Engineers Licensure – sets the standard for mining and mineral engineers working in the field. This credential indicates a high level of skill and additional education throughout the industry.
  • New programs – the Foundation will be able to add new programs, such as expanding Miners Give Back and adding a Career Transition program.
Our goal is to raise $1.6 million per year to provide world class programming for our members, the industry and our communities. As of June 7, contributions to the campaign total $1,438,936. For the success of the Foundation programs, let’s work together!

Washington Updates

Critical minerals bill heads to house floor for vote
The full U.S. House of Representatives will consider legislation on July 11 that allows the U.S. to more efficiently develop its strategic and critical minerals, such as rare earth elements, that, according to the bill, are vital to job creation, American economic competitiveness and national security. The National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act H.R.761, introduced by Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV), will include "minerals that are support domestic manufacturing, agriculture, housing, telecommunications...and transportation infrastructure." A strict interpretation of the language of the bill would actually define stone, sand and gravel as strategic minerals. The bill also applies a strict time limit for regulatory review of permit applications and on federal agency review of public comments.

Amodei introduced the same bill during the 112th Congress, and the House passed a slightly amended version last July on a bipartisan vote of 256-to-160, with 22 Democrats joining all Republicans in favor. While H.R.761 has 57 cosponsors and is expected to pass the House, it is unlikely to receive the same level of bipartisan support in the 113th Congress. Prospects for passage in the Democratically controlled Senate are slim.

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