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Technical Briefing Papers

The Role of Arsenic in the Mining Industry
Safe And Effective Use Of Cyanide In The Mining Industry

Workforce Trends in the US Mining Industry

Industrial Minerals Impact on the U.S. Economy

Aggregates Contribution to U.S. Infrastructure Investment

Federal Support for U.S. Mining Schools

Coal's Importance in the US and Global Energy Supply

Mining and the Use, Quality and Availability of Water
Meeting the U.S. Minerals and Metals Needs for Energy Production
Improved Regulatory Coordination to Ensure Responsible Mining & Environmental Protection
Meeting the World's Future Mineral Needs
Access to Public Lands for Mineral Exploration
Health and Safety
Nuclear Power
Rare Earths

Federal/State Correspondence

SME comments on changes to National Ocean Policy, November 2013 (updated 2015)
SME comments to USGS on National Minerals Information Center activities, February 2015
SME commits to Educating Engineers to Meet the Grand Challenges, December 2014
SME comments on White House request regarding critical minerals supply chain, August 2014
SME coalition congressional letter calling on critical minerals action
July 2014
SME congressional letter in support of geoscience funding
May 2014
SME letter to SEC regarding testimony on IG7, May 2014
SEC Response to SME Letter re IG7, December 2013
SME Letter to Chair Mary Jo White re Industry Guide 7, November 2013
Congressional Letter to SEC, October 2012
SME Letter Opposing Ban on Gov't Employee Travel, October 2012
SME Letter to SEC transmitting Petition for Rulemaking on IG7, October 2012
SME Files Petition for Rulemaking with the SEC over Mineral Reserve Reporting, October 2012
SME Letter to Senate Leadership in Support of S. 1113, July 2012
SME Opposes Restrictions on Federal Employees Attendance at Society Meetings, May 7, 2012
SME report: Emerging Workforce Trends in U.S. Mining Industry
SME letter to Canadian Provincial Securities Commissions on recognition of Qualified Persons in reserve reporting 10-15-11
SME letter to Securities and Exchange Commission on Industry Guide 7 10-6-11
SME letter to President Obama on Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness 8-1-11

Government Accountability Office issues report, "Abandoned Mine Lands: Information on the Number of Hardrock Mines, Cost of Cleanup, and Value of Financial Assurances"
Dept of Commerce issues report: "STEM: Good Jobs Now and in the Future" 7-11
STEM Coalition letter on No Child Left Behind 6-28-11
SME Supports Congressional Efforts to Remove Federal Disincentives for Rare Earths 7-7-11
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology 3-23-11
USGS Budget Letter 3-31-11
Task Force on American Innovation 3-3-11
Office of Government Ethics letter 6-7-11



Testimony Submitted on Behalf of the SME co-founded Minerals Science and Information Coalition to the Senate Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations, April 30, 2015

Effect of the President's Fy2013 Budget for the USGS on Private Sector Job Creation, Hazard Protection, Mineral Resources, and Deficit Reduction - SME Board Member Jon Price, Nevada Geological Survey, March 22, 2012

Critical Minerals and Materials Legislation, U.S. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - SME Board Member Jon Price, Nevada Geological Survey, June 9, 2011

Spending Priorities and Mission of USGS and FY 2012 Budget SME Board Member Jon Price, Nevada Geological Survey, 3-9-11

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