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Minerals & Metallurgical Processing Journal   

November 2010 - Volume 27, No. 4

Page Article Title
179 Leaching of gold and silver from a Kupol composite sample: assessment of the CANMET enhanced leaching process (CELP)
Deschenes, G. Fulton, M. Rajala, J. Guo, H.
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184 The deportment of mercury during thiosulfate leaching and resin-in-pulp recovery of gold from ores
Oraby, E.A. Jeffrey, M.I. Browner, R.E.
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190 Modeling the equilibrium loading of gold onto activated carbon from complex cyanide solutions
Dai, X. Breuer, P.L. Jeffrey, M.I.
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196 Gold heap leach simulation and optimization using a multiphysics model
Garcia, S. Ramon, C. Esplin, A. Gebhardt, J.E. Hernandez, A. McBride, D. Cross, M.
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205 Selective elution of gold, silver and mercury cyanide from activated carbon
Bunney, K. Jeffrey, M.I. Pleysier, R. Breuer, P.L.
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212 Biooxidation of an auriargentiferous arsenical pyrite concentrate by means of mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria
Pecina, E.T. Castillo, P. Martinez, D. Orrantia, E.
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219 Behavior of gold and silver in various processing circuits at the Fort Knox Mine
Lin, H.K. Oleson, J.L. Walsh, D.E.
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224 Transport of Ca, Mg, Na, sulfate and other components of pellet production at the Kiirunavaara iron mine by process water and magnetite surfaces
Westerstrand, M. Ohlander, B.
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