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McIntosh Engineering Fund  


The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship Fund of the SME Foundation accepts grant proposals and applications to support the education, recruitment, and retention of students and young professionals in careers and jobs in the field of underground mining. More specifically, the mission of the fund is to provide funding for various projects, activities, and scholarships that promote, develop, and stimulate an interest in the underground mining and minerals industries.

Scholarships to Students:

The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship is awarded annually to up to six promising undergraduate students entering their junior year of an accredited undergraduate degree program in Mining Engineering with a focus on underground mining. The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship is a renewable scholarship with total potential funding of $12,000 per student: $5,000 for junior year and, subject to renewal approval, an additional $7,000 for senior year. Selection of scholarship recipients and approval of scholarship renewal is at the discretion of the McIntosh Engineering Scholarship Committee.

Click here for more information about the McIntosh Scholarship Fund.

Grants for Projects & Activities:

The McIntosh Engineering Scholarship Fund committee will receive grant proposals twice a year for consideration. Funds available for grants in each year will vary, depending on the quality of proposals and the availability of funds from the McIntosh gift and earnings on the fund. Any nonprofit group is welcome to submit a proposal for consideration. However, all proposals must have a direct connection to the McIntosh Engineering Fund mission.

All requests for funding must be made on the request form and sent by e-mail to Tessa Baxter, SME Division & Local Section Coordinator at by September 1. The online form is available through this link. Supporting materials can be submitted to help more fully explain the details of your proposal or add insight to complex proposals.

You are invited to submit your proposal for consideration. The McIntosh Fund will normally disburse its funding at the completion of a project. The disbursement request must include a summary of the objectives of the project and its accomplishments, along with samples of the McIntosh Fund recognition of the project.

The funds available from the McIntosh Fund cannot be used for any endowment or any another foundation.

All McIntosh Fund projects, products, initiatives or works of any kind and any format, must also distinctly carry the credit line: Supported by the McIntosh Engineering Scholarship Fund of the SME Foundation.

Semiannual progress reports from recipients of McIntosh funding must be submitted to the committee. These reports should detail the progress of the project and how the McIntosh funds have been used to fund the program or project.


This award is funded and endowed through a generous donation from Scott McIntosh & Family.

Scott McIntosh gave the SME Foundation a check at the SME 2009 Annual Meeting & Exhibit.




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