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WAAIME Life Members (50 Years of Continous Service)  

Mrs. Ana Maria Aguilar 1953
Mrs. Mariana R. Ahrens 1952
Mrs. Ellamae Anderson 1953
Mrs. Mary A. Atkinson 1947
Mrs. Merle Beal 1957
Mrs. Elsa Benavides 1953
Mrs. Margaret Bossard 1956
Mrs. Lorraine Burgin 1953
Mrs. Marcel S. Colp 1943
Mrs. Laverne W. Eastwood 1949
Mrs. Theo Ertl 1941
Mrs. Margaret C. Fick 1943
Mrs. Ouida Glenn 1957
Mrs. Lorraine Haug 1957
Mrs. Beverly Horton 1956
Mrs. Alice K. Johnston 1956
Mrs. Dorothy Jones 1956
Mrs. Rose Marie Kelly 1955
Mrs. Ruth Kerr 1953
Mrs. Sybil P. Kesten 1958
Mrs. Sally Klein 1956
Mrs. Virginia Likins 1949
Mrs. Eleanor L. MacDonald 1947
Mrs. Virginia Meyer 1940
Mrs. Carolyn V. Nelson 1952
Mrs. Mary Lou Nickel 1943
Mrs. Ruth Papke 1956
Mrs. Martha Pena 1958
Mrs. Martha Rodriguez-Hoyle 1959
Mrs. Clare Roscoe 1952
Mrs. Bonney M. Sayre 1955
Mrs. Alice J. Shaw 1953
Mrs. Ruth Slemmons 1958
Mrs. Inez Springer 1940
Mrs. Pat Stephens 1953
Mrs. Adele Ward 1955




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