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WAAIME National Honorary Members  


Member: Election:
Mrs. Charles E. Golson 1977 Mar
Mrs. John Englehorn (Frances L.) 1984 Feb
Mrs. Louis A. Cassara (Margaret) 1985 Feb
Mrs. George E. Kruger (Leta G.) 1988 Jan
Mrs. S. Norman Kesten (Sybil P.) 1989 Feb
Mrs. Allan D. Taylor (Ruth B.) 1991 Feb
Mrs. Frank Balcar (Lenore W.) 1992 Feb
Mrs. M. Powell Jr. (Eleanor) 1992 Feb
Mrs. N. Fick (Margaret) 1993 Feb
Mrs. J.M. Link (Margaret) 1993 Feb
Mrs. R.S. Shoemaker (Jean B.) 1994 Feb
Mrs. B.R. Waples Jr. (Luelle L.) 1994 Feb
Mrs. Harvey D. Attra (Aleeta D.) 1995 Mar
Mrs. Melvin Nickel (Mary Lou) 1997 Feb
Mrs. Frank K. Millsaps (Floralie) 2001 Feb
Mrs. George Featherstone (Marie) 2003 Feb
Mrs. Eskil Anderson (Ellamae) 2004 May
Mrs. William W. Archer (Diane) 2005 Oct
Mrs. P.A. DeSantis (Helen I.) 2005 Oct
Mrs. Jaime Lomelin (Eugenia) 2005 Oct
Mrs. Rafael Maturo (Gloria) 2005 Oct
Mrs. William Whinnen/Owen (Iris) 2006 June
Mrs. Maurice Fuerstenau (Joyce) 2006 Oct
Mrs. Barbara K. Grandbouche 2007 June



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