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WAAIME Scholarship Recipients  

The National Scholarship Fund committee receives applications from students via the section SF chair, and makes recommendations to the National Board of Directors each May for the following academic year. Students are eligible to apply for an SF award for two academic years - junior or senior year of college or as a graduate student. They must be full-time students at an accredited institution and be majoring in an earth science-related field of study, such as geology, mining, metallurgy, or petroleum engineering. The National SF committee must receive applications by March 15th of each year to be eligible for consideration for the following academic year. The funds available in the SF determine the number and amount of SF awards approved each year. Individual student SF awards are based on the student's academic credentials and financial need.

WAAIME Scholarships Awarded to UK Mining Engineering Students

Six mining engineering students at the University of Kentucky were presented scholarships from the WAAIME division of SME in 2008. Mrs. Lydia Hull, Section SLF chair, presented the scholarships to four senior undergraduate students and two Ph. D. students. The individual scholarship values ranged from $2,500 to $4,500.

The undergraduate students included Ms. Monique DeSpain, Mr. Kody Smith, Mr. Joseph White and Nathaniel Waters.  Monique has accepted a position with Arch Coal in the Powder River Basin after graduation in December 2008. Kody will complete his B.S. degree requirements in May 2009 and is currently considering career options. Joseph will join the consulting firm of Environmental Risk Management Consulting Corporation in Lexington, Kentucky after graduation in May 2009. Nathaniel will also complete his B.S. degree requirements in May 2009 at which time he will take a position with the International Coal Group at a Kentucky operation.  

The two Ph.D. students who received scholarships were Mr. Kevin Harris and Mr. Jhon Silva Castro. Kevin recently started his Ph. D. program through which he will specialize in mine ventilation. His plans are to pursue an academic career after completing his degree. Jhon is a native of Columbia and is specializing in blast mitigation as a Ph.D. candidate.

Left to right front:  G. T. Lineberry, Associate Dean; Kody Smith; Monique DeSpain; Kevin Harris; Jhon Silva Castro
Left to right back: Joseph White; Steve Gardner, UK Mining Foundation Chair; Lydia Hull, WAAIME; Nathanial Waters; Rick Honaker, Mining Engineering Chair

Nevada-Reno Section WAAIME Scholarship Awardees for 2008-2009 (Left to right) Beth Price (NV-Reno Section), Cameron Howard (Materials Science Engineering), Kurtis Clark (Materials Science Engineering), Daniel Goudeau (Mining Engineering), D.D. LaPointe (NV-Reno Section), Kaitlin Sweet (Hydrogeology), Todd Morine (Geological Engineering), Darin Galloway (Geological Engineering).

 Recipients for 2008:

Scholarship Recipient
University of Arizona
McCoy, Kevin
Montana Tech of U of M
Ward, Cassandra Jo
 Missouri Univ of S & T
Binz, Andrew D. 
Callaway, Regina
Collins, Erica 
Craven, Kelli
DeGraffenreid, Zachary 
Hrenak, Laura
Rouse, Nathan
Vora, Imran
Warren, Alex
Zdazinsky, Charles
University of Nevada - Reno
Galloway, Darin
Saunders, Samuel
Thetford, Tanner
Morine, Todd 
Sweet, Kaitlin
Sweeney, Trenton
Burke-Ruhl, Griffin
Howard, Cameron
Bounds, Megan
Pettitt, Sara
Henson, Wesley
Goudeau, Daniel
Willmore, Graham
Clark, Kurtis 
Hartman, Benjamin
Virginia Tech
Bingham, John
Provencher, Luke
Starr, Benjamin
Stierwalt, Brent
Dye, Jamee-Lee
Nenninger, Lance
Norris, Joshua
Richards, Ryan
Furniss, Matthew
Griffin, Kenneth
University of Kentucky
DeSpain, Monique
Harris, Kevin
Smith, Kody
Waters, Nathaniel
White, Joseph
Whittington, Jonathan
University of Pittsburgh
Olsheski, Emily
Yochum, Vanessa
South Dakota School of Mines & Tech
Biondi, Dustin
Sudbeck, Matthew
Hector, Steven
Ross, Karen 
Lampe, Brandon 
Vayer-Jenkins, Ashley
Rogers, Collin
Cooper, Brandon
Kling, Clint
 Total $250,500*

























Recipients for 2009:
Scholarship Recipient
University of Arizona
Sparks, Alicia
Miles, Alex
Michigan Tech
Gast, Nicholas
 Missouri Univ of S & T
Collins, Erica
Warren, Alex
Hrenak, Lara
Rouse, Nathan
DeGraffenreid, Zachary
Meeks, Phillip
Twenter, Crystal
Holzhausen, Joshua
Huebner, Forrest
Worsey, Tristan
 Herbst, Thomas
University of Nevada - Reno
Sweeney, Trenton
Howard, Cameron
Burke-Ruhl, Griffin
Saunders, Samuel
Thetford, Tanner
Morine, Todd
Sweet, Kaitlin
Henson, Wesley
Goudeau, Daniel
Ryan, Katie
Hirt, EveMarie
Wearne, Rachel
Capistrant, Patricia
MacDougall, Brandon
Hunsaker, Molly
Tucker, Jordan
Starr, Ronlad
Ahmed, Mohamed
Virginia Tech
Norris, Joshua
Smith, Sarah
Sadtler, Daniel
Dye, Jamie
Slaker, Brent
Overstreet, Richard
Barry, Thomas
Inge, Matthew
Witt, Issac
Dohm, Erich
Mills, Cory
Clagett, Edward
University of Kentucky
Castro, John
Brenner, Greg
Faulhaber, Mark
Reed, Russell
White, Justin
Miller, Mallory
White, Clifton
Chaffin, Corey
Brown, Jon
Burton, Aaron
University of Utah
Allen, Tyson
Hepworth, Allen
South Dakota School of Mines & Tech
Juhl, Emilia
Biondi, Dustin
Vayer-Jenkins, Ashley
Ross, Karen
Dutil, Adam
Young, Erick
O'Bryan, Brooke
Werning, Blake
Ward, Jennifer
Adhikari, Akash
Ryno, Teneil
Dow, Jacob
Nelson, Austin
Dedic, Joshua
Brakke, Ashley
Ferguson, Alex
Cooper, Brandon
Warne, Derik
Baker, Anastasia
West Virginia University
Dlamini, Bongani
Artaga, Christian
Evans, Samantha
 Total $174,000*


*The above total includes $60,000 that WAAIME sends to its international sections for distribution to students in their countries.




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