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Industrial Minerals & Rocks (CD), 7th edition

Editors: Jessica Elzea Kogel et al
Published by Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration - 2006
1568 pages on CD

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Industrial Minerals and Rocks builds on the strengths of the earlier editions but adds significant new content—ensuring the continued relevance of this classic text.

This widely read global reference tool is one of the most authoritative sources for timely information on industrial minerals and rocks, the markets they serve, and their multitude of uses.

Changes in the global economy have greatly impacted the mining, processing, and marketing of industrial minerals. Additionally, the development of new technologies and a globalization of the customer base have driven fast-paced innovation in processing, packaging, transporting, and end use. The new edition examines these important and diverse changes and their complex ramifications in the world of industrial minerals and rocks.

Industrial Minerals and Rocks is divided into three parts.

  • Part I—Introduction and Overview: Contains introductory chapters focused on topics broadly relevant to the industry as a whole. Much new content has been added, including stand-alone chapters on industrial minerals transportation, marketing, and due diligence.
  • Part II—Commodities: Focuses on individual industrial minerals, rocks, and materials, and has been rewritten with revised and updated content.
  • Part III—Markets and Uses: Includes valuable information on how industrial minerals and rocks are used in various applications, such as in construction materials, filler and extender uses, and, metallurgy.
  • The 114 chapters cover the majority of subjects important to all those involved in the industry, and the book also includes a comprehensive index and appendices containing frequently referenced information.

    The international group of volunteer authors and co-authors that contributed to this edition is comprised of recognized experts and leaders in the industry. This array of contributors significantly enhanced the text—already an industry standard—by unreservedly sharing knowledge and expertise. Numerous volunteer and professional editors have also assured the high quality and consistency of the technical content presented.

    The much-anticipated expanded 7th edition of Industrial Minerals and Rocks has a more global perspective than that of previous editions, and readers can depend on it to provide accurate, pertinent, and timely information for many years to come.


    This work-edited by Kogel (IMERYS), Barker (New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources) Trivedi (Mineral Technologies Inc.), and Krukowski (Oklahoma Geological Survey)-provides a comprehensive collection geological, economic, technical, and other information and data on the worldwide minerals and rocks industry. Introductory chapters provide information on the classification of industrial minerals and rocks, world distribution of industrial minerals deposits, international trade in minerals, industrial marketing, due diligence and financial valuation, transportation, mine safety and health law, environmental law, and issues of sustainable development. The next section contains chapters covering some 60 individual minerals, rocks, and other materials. These chapters describe material characteristics and properties, industrial uses, geographic locations, extraction and reclamation processes, production and trade, and other economic data. The next set of chapters discuss markets and uses, covering such topics as absorbents and dessicants, construction uses, cosmetics, electronic and optical materials, environmental uses, fertilizers, filters and process aids, ceramic products, glasses, metallurgical uses, nanomaterials, pigments, refractories, soil amendments, and well drilling materials. These chapters discuss processing for applications, market trends, regulatory concerns, industrial structures, and similar issues.

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