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7/19/2022 9:00 AM - 9/30/2022 5:00 PM MST

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Reprising the hot topics of MINEXCHANGE 2022, SUMMERXCHANGE brings you the remarkable keynote program, signature lectures and leading session content from the 2022 SME Annual Conference.
Plus a fresh new keynote session kicks off SUMMERXCHANGE live on July 19. A sizzling panel discussion keeps important mining topics at the forefront this summer.



Live Programming

Tuesday, July 19 | 10 am MT
Workforce - The Paradigm Shift | Live Panel

Moderators: Jill Nelson, Managing Founder, and Anita Bertisen, Brooks & Nelson
Recruiting Students for the Future: Sarah Lizarraga, Outreach Coordinator, Colorado School of Mines
Women and Workforce: Nicholas Hendren, HR Manager, Newmont
Millennial Impact: Sean McDonald, Senior Construction Engineer
Remote Work: Best Practices and Insights: Carl Burkhalter, Partner, New Fields
Leaderships Role in Workplace Well-being: Joline Lenz, Talent Sleuth, Brooks & Nelson

Industries struggled with significant workforce changes during COVID, including increased employment attrition and workforce frustration and dissatisfaction. Attracting and retaining top talent remains high on companies list of priorities, however resignations have been trending up. While this spike has decreased, there is high demand for talent across industries. Mining is above the national average in job openings at 7.4%.  With this increasing need for talent, how do we attract and retain talent?

It is even more concerning that organizations experience a talent drain by employee populations that hurt the most: and more women than men showed a dramatic increase in resignations compared to the pandemic-ridden year 2020. Additionally, more experienced employees are rethinking their work situation.  All of this impacts businesses ability to sustain its performance as well as progressing with increasingly public diversity goals.

COVID also significantly accelerated the momentum towards remote work opportunities. Our now flexible work world remains as a desirable job feature for millions, which is a tectonic change in where, when and how Americans work.  Per this McKinsey study, over 58% of working America has the opportunity to work at least one day a week from home. That is 92 million people.  Eighty-seven percent of the people offered work place flexibility take it.  More men are offered this (61%) than women (52%). The opportunity to work from home can be a deciding factor in hiring. 

Join a panel discussion of professionals who are on the front lines of the evolving workforce and moving the needle in recruitment and retention for mining.


‚ÄčRecorded Programming 

MINEXCHANGE 2022 Keynote Session:
The Undiplomatic Truth: Mining Missing the Mark on Securing Popular Support
-Ambassador Todd Chapman, International Business Consultant

The Power of Purpose (Robert E. Murray Innovation Lecture)
-George Hemingway, Managing Partner, Stratalis
Signature Lectures

Dreyer Lecture:
Navigating the Hurricane of the Junior Resource Market in the Search of Ore Deposits
-Jeff Pontius

MPD Plenary:
The Journey…and the Lessons

-Kathleen Altman, Consultant, Chair of SME Council of Education


Technical Session Content Capture (30+ presentations - audio and slides)

  • Coal & Energy: Automation and Innovation in Mine Production Operations

  • Coal & Energy: Accessing Capital in the Ever-Changing Energy Landscape

  • Environmental: Environmental Policy and Regulation

  • Environmental: Mine Water Management

  • Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Geology: Making the Grade - Operational Practices for Improving Grade Control

  • Mining & Exploration: Management: Mine Financing & Investing

  • Mining & Exploration: Management: Sustainable Development Across the Entire Mining Value Chain

  • Tailings: Technological Advancements

  • Valuation

View more detials about each session, including speakers and abstracts here.


  • Electronic proceedings from MINEXCHANGE 2022

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