Meet the inspiring professionals who shape the past, present and future of the mining and minerals industry.

MichaelWegleitner.jpg Michael J. Wegleitner
Corporate Director, Health and Safety at Hecla Mining Company
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"I enjoy having opportunities each day to make a difference regarding the health and safety of individuals, and to ensure they return home safely each day. I am most proud of drastically reducing risk and lowering the number of employee injuries for every company that I have worked for, on a consistent basis."
Laura-Pearson-headshot.jpg Laura Pearson
Attorney/Principal, Laura Pearson Law, PLLC
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As a lawyer, it is so important for me to have access to professionals with technical expertise when I’m dealing with cases involving the mining industry. Not only to help me understand the issues, but also to see them from different perspectives. Participating in SME has helped me see issues in ways I never would have considered before.
Jerry-Jergensen-Manila.png Fangyu Liu, Ph.D.
Process Metallurgist, Hatch Ltd.
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Ten years in school all about metallurgical engineering doesn't sound long to me. We cannot live without metals in our daily life in practically every aspect. What differentiaties them and how they connect among one another: it is fascinating to lead a career to tell the stories behind it.
David-Gwyther-WHYISME.jpg Dr. David Gwyther
Director, Picton Group
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You learn more each time: it never gets easier but [it's] always rewarding.
Jerry-Jergensen-Manila.png Gerald V. (Jerry) Jergensen, II
Mineral Industry Consultant, SME Legion of Honor
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Contacts made or enhanced through SME created some marvelous travel opportunities. The experiences and immersions in other languages and cultures are great lessons in understanding our own language and culture.
SenaCicekWHYISME.jpg Sena Cicek
West Virginia University, MSc in Mining Engineering
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As an international student in the U.S., meeting with successful mining professionals and learning the mining industry from different people with various perspectives was a great opportunity... I had a chance to expand my network with people who vary by age, demographic, field, and company.
LyleWorkmanWHYISME.jpg Lyle Workman
Vice President, Barr Engineering Company
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We always say that the mining industry is a small fraternity but it also encompasses a widespread geography. The society helps me stay connected and be aware of what is happening in mining around the world.
JulieLucasWHYISME.jpg Julie Lucas
Environmental Manager, Hibbing Taconite Company
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Being able to learn from the experiences of others, even if they are scattered around the globe, is an incredible benefit and our industry is better off because of that information sharing.
Mike-Korb-WHYISME.jpg Mike Korb
Senior Mining Engineer, Tetra Tech, Inc.
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The camaraderie of the sections have all given me a perspective and understanding of what is happening in the industry, ethics, and what it means to be a mining engineer that I wouldn’t have had without those involvements.
Kyle-Desnoyer-WHYISME_cropped-min.png Kyle Desnoyer
University of Kentucky, B.S. in Mining Engineering
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The most rewarding aspects of being a member of the mining industry is the daily impact. Mined materials are used by... every person in the world, every day. Being a small part of that global network is remarkable.
MadanMSingh.png Madan M. Singh
Physical Scientist U.S. Geological Survey
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[My] favorite benefits have been experience gained by working on various committees and being able to meet persons with different backgrounds. I have expanded my knowledge from these interactions.
Pablo Cesar Altamirano Soto
President of Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) SME Student Chapter and President of the Association of Mining Engineering Students of Peru
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The new era of mining is young professionals because the future of mining is young talent.
HarryParker.jpg Harry McDougal Parker
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DavidBieber.jpg David Bieber
Manager of Geology/Survey Martin Marietta Materials
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My membership and active participation in SME led to my first full time position in the mining industry, and subsequently led to my current position. Membership continues to benefit me through the professional contacts that I have made and the information I acquire.
Poulton2.jpg Dr. Mary Poulton
Professor Emeritus University of Arizona
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It's challenging to convince people that mining is a noble profession and we are not Fred Flintstone. Mining does take environmental stewardship and safety very seriously. 
EverettLitton.jpg Everett Litton, P.E., ENV SP
Lead Tunnel Engineer WSP
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I am extremely grateful for those who helped me along the way and find that giving back by means of mentoring, teaching or hiring an intern or new professional are some of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that I can do.