The SME Rock Star is awarded in appreciation of outstanding service to the organization. Outstanding service includes, but is not limited to, attendance, professionalism, performing beyond normal job responsibilities and/or an extraordinary contribution to the organization.

All SME staff, excluding the executive director, are eligible. Nominations are submitted by SME staff, and the winner is selected from the nominees by the Rock Star Award Committee, consisting of the three latest SME Rock Stars. The award is presented in October and April every year.

Current SME Rock Star: Tomara Ahearn

April 2019 – Tomara Ahearn

October 2018 – Cori Knasinski

April 2018 – Emma Salditt

October 2017 – Chee Theng

April 2017 – Steve Kral

October 2016 – Ken Goering

April 2016 – Justin Courtney

October 2015 – Nicole Bencomo

April 2015 – Kaley Hollarn

October 2014 – Paul Hoiberg

April 2014 – Lorie Laessig

October 2013 – Theo Warrior

April 2013 – Gregg Riggs

October 2012 – Liz Jones

April 2012 – Nate Hurianek

October 2011 – Gwen Lipkie

April 2011 – Sandi Swayne

October 2010 – Jan Samuelson

April 2010 – Beverly Mead

October 2009 – Raven Johnson

April 2009 – Kendra Elrod

October 2008 – Heather Gravning

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