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UCA: Geotechnical Input to Transportation Tunnel Design

Presented by David Ward: Transportation tunnel design and construction requires accepting the inherent uncertainty associated with subsurface conditions that can be characterized but never truly known.  This presentation follows the geotechnical arc of a typical tunnel project from explorations and testing, to engineering analysis to support the selection of tunnel excavation methods, characterize ground behavior, develop parameters for liner design, and estimate surface settlements and effects on adjacent structures.  It provides examples from completed projects to highlight the risk and mitigation methods associated with underground construction.

David is a vice president with Shannon & Wilson, Inc. in Seattle, WA.  He has over 20 years of experience primarily on underground, tunnel, and trenchless projects in soil and rock. Projects he has worked on vary from condition assessments of existing railroad tunnels being converted to trails in Idaho, to supporting the design and construction of the tunnel for the SR99 Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement project in Seattle, WA.
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Live Webcast
10/28/2020 10:00:00 AM
10/28/2020 11:00 AM
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
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