Professional Development

Have you reached your fullest potential?
Are you constantly challenging yourself?
How far can you go in your career?

If you are not expanding your technical knowledge regularly, you’re on a professional treadmill-constantly moving but not going anywhere! Professional development is vital to your success. Engaging in continuous learning and applying that learning is critical to your advancement in the workplace and your personal life.

SME’s many professional development opportunities can move you forward.

As a professional you should engage in professional development to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that will improve your performance on the job. Professional development can occur in formal settings such as conferences, seminars, workshops or training courses, but it can also be informal such as through discussions among colleagues, learning from peers, or by independent research. Whatever the term, the purpose is the same; to increase performance. Remember, even the most seasoned members of an organization need to develop their skills in order to keep up-to-date with advances in technology, changes in industry content, new methods, or changes in procedures or policies. Professional development allows an individual to learn more effective practices to apply to daily challenges.

Take advantage of SME’s many professional development options and stay current with your job skills. SME membership guarantees you will receive all of our opportunities at a discount. Check back regularly to see new offerings.

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