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Each year SME and the SME Foundation offer multiple scholarships to SME student members who have an aptitude and desire for success. If you are an SME student member in your junior, senior or graduate year attending a school or university that has an active SME Student Chapter and is ABET accredited, you may be eligible! Don’t miss your opportunity – apply online at

Tips for Success:

  • Meet ALL requirements – no exceptions.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships are open to only undergraduate students. Graduate scholarships are open to only graduate students.
  • The application requires a passion statement. Please take note of the “passion” that you need to possess for a particular scholarship. For example, if you are interested in research do not apply for a scholarship that is looking for a passion in tunneling.
  • SME Committees will disqualify applications that have been plagiarized.
  • Good sentence structure and there are no spelling errors in your application.
  • All scholarships require a recommendation letter from a full time university professor. Do not attach a statement stating who we can contact. Please plan ahead as professors are busy and need time to complete and send a letter for you.
  • All scholarships require a recommendation letter from a person in the industry who can speak to your qualifications.

Over $400,000

in scholarship money awarded annually


Applications open

September 1, 2019


Application deadline is
Now Extended

November 1, 2019


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