Health & Safety Benefits

  1. The Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP) – A credential that indicates to your peers and prospective employers that you have the experience, knowledge of domestic and international best practices and that you are dedicated to elevating safety and health standards on the job.
  2. – A collaborative effort among multiple societies to place the world's most comprehensive collection of mining and minerals based research in one place. includes more than 125,000 mining related documents and is open to all SME members.
  3. H&S Community page – An open forum for SME members to promote H&S and communicate about relevant topics.
  4. Technical Sessions at SME conferences – SME’s H&S Division is responsible for the creation of 8 to 10 technical sessions each year at the SME Annual Conference & Expo, covering all aspects of H&S in mining-related fields. The H&S Division also assists other SME Divisions with programming.
  5. Workshops at SME Conferences – SME hosts workshops and short courses at various conferences throughout the year.
  6. Exhibitor Hall at SME Annual Conference and Expo – The SME Annual Conference & Expo includes 500-700 exhibitors each year, many of which display H&S related products and services.
  7. Articles in Mining Engineering (or related publication such as the new Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Journal) – The monthly magazine of SME, Mining Engineering covers all aspects of mining, including H&S while other related publications provide a resource for peer-reviewed technical information in mining-related industries.
  8. Safety Share page – The H&S Division’s monthly dedicated page in Mining Engineering.
  9. Webinars - SME webinars feature one-hour segments from prominent industry leaders. Each webinar focuses on a different aspect of the mining industry. The H&S Division provides up to four webinars per year.
  10. Local Chapter activities - Network with industry professionals and specialized technical support.
  11. Student Chapter activities – Includes networking, challenges and contests as well as discounted member rates for students.
  12. Underground Ventilation Community page - The purpose of the Underground Ventilation Committee is to promote engineering interest and technological progress in the ventilation of mines, tunnels and other subsurface openings.
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