About UVC

Membership in the UVC is open to anyone with an interest in underground ventilation. Membership in the SME-AIME is strongly encouraged. The UVC does not charge membership dues.

Meetings are regularly scheduled during the SME Annual Meeting, U.S. Mine Ventilation Symposium and the International Mine Ventilation Congress.

Officers To satisfy the bylaws of both divisions, the UVC has six officers. Officers must be SME-AIME and UVC members in good standing, and alternate between the Coal and Mining & Exploration Divisions. The titles and duties of these officers are as follows:

Chairperson: Administers the Committee, presides at meetings, maintains the Committee rolls, represents the Committee in Society affairs, and conducts elections. In addition, the Chairperson takes the minutes at UVC meetings, composes the Annual Review of Ventilation in Mining Engineering, and serves on various SME-AIME award committees.

Vice Chairperson for Programs: Serves as Chairperson-elect, assists the Chairperson in administrative affairs, chairs the Symposium Selection Sub-Committee during the years the symposium is held, and represents the UVC on the Executive Committee of his/her respective division.

Vice Chairperson for Program Planning: Plans and solicits papers for technical sessions and symposia; in particular the primary ventilation session at the SME Annual Meeting. Serves as Ventilation Session Chairperson at the SME Annual Meeting.

Vice Chairperson for Publications: Solicits, processes, and identifies expert reviewers and coordinates with SME on papers submitted for publication. Represents the Committee on division publication committees, and commences planning for the next SME Annual Meeting.

Program Planner: Assists the Vice Chairperson for Program Planning. Serves as Co-Chair for the Ventilation Session at the SME Annual Meeting.

Program Planner: Assists the Vice Chairperson for Publications.

In addition to these duties, the six current officers serve on the subcommittee to select the site of the U.S. Mine Ventilation Symposium in the years that the symposium is held, and vote on proposed revisions to the UVC Charter and on motions made at meetings.

The immediate past Chairperson serves on Executive and Award Committees as designated by SME. The six immediate past Chairpersons form a subcommittee to select the Hartman Award recipient in even-numbered years. Past Chairpersons can also serve as senior advisors to the current slate of officers.

The officers will serve one year in each of the six positions. The term in office commences on the day after the SME Annual Meeting and terminates on the last day of the following SME Annual Meeting. At this time, the Chairperson becomes the immediate Past Chairperson, and the five remaining officers move up one position. Past Chairpersons will be eligible to run for office again only after the Hartman Subcommittee responsibilities are completed, or other willing and qualified persons cannot be found.

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