Young Leaders Committee

The Young Leaders Committee (YLC) was created in 1998 to develop and strengthen young professionals in the mining industry while adding value to the entire SME organization. Through the use of subcommittees within the YLC, members will work within SME to reach student chapters, the general public and provide value to SME members throughout the year and at the Annual Meeting. While working with these different groups, members of the YLC are given opportunities for personal development and are in the position to gain and share knowledge as well as provide development opportunities to others. YLC members are provided a chance to:

  • Join a growing professional network in SME.
  • Represent and encourage a key demographic in our society.
  • Develop and promote professional development activities and content.
  • Support student chapters and students entering the industry as young professionals.
  • Gather and share technical information.
  • Foster long term SME engagement.
  • Engage the mining industry and local communities

Each year, energetic young professionals who have demonstrated leadership abilities and the desire to become more involved with SME are selected as members of the YLC. Members of the YLC serve a term of four (4) years, and work with other members of the committee to develop key components of the SME and the YLC. Application to the YLC is open to all members of SME who are thirty-five years (35) of age or younger.

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