Become a Registered Member

Please note changes to SME Registered Member Qualifications effective January 1, 2016.

In September 2015 the SME Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the SME Registered Member Admissions Committee to increase the minimum years of experience for Registered Member applicants from five (5) years to seven (7) and to designate area of competency. Specific changes to existing criteria are as below:

 “Applicant must have a minimum of seven (7) years of professional experience**, of which at least three (3) must have been in a position of responsibility, defined as one in which the individual was depended on for significant participation, management and decision making relevant to their respective area of competency.”

The applicant’s “Area of Competency” when signing as a QP include, but are not limited to, Geology, Resource Modeling, Geotechnical Evaluation, Engineering, Mine Design, Infrastructure, Metallurgy and Processing, Environmental, and Market and Financial Analysis.

To learn more about becoming a Registered Member, please review the Registered Member Qualifications.

Registered Member Program

The Registered Member Program was created in response to members who perform specialized functions relating to reserve consulting and reporting and need to satisfy the overseas requirement as a Competent/Qualified Person (QP) in that they belong to a Recognized Overseas Professional Organization (ROPO). A Registered Member is a scientist, engineer or technologist who is involved in various ways with the discovery, extraction and utilization of minerals, metals and energy sources. The membership includes geologists and other geoscientists, mining engineers and metallurgists, environmentalist, other engineers and other scientists and technologists.

To date the SME Registered Member program has regulatory reciprocity agreements with many professional organizations including Australia (JORC), Canada, (NI43-101), and South Africa (SAMREC). For a complete list see Appendix A in the SME Guide for Reporting.

Registered Member Application

To apply if you are not already a member of SME you may email, fax or mail your completed Registered Membership application and supporting documents to SME at your convenience.

If you are already a member of SME and wish to upgrade your status to Registered Membership you may submit your completed Registered Membership application and supporting documents to SME at your convenience.

  • Email documents to

  • Fax documents to 303 973 3845

  • OR Mail documents to SME Registered Membership, 12999 E Adam Aircraft Cir Englewood, CO 80112

For questions regarding the Registered Member application process please contact SME at 303 948 4200 or

Registered Member Resources

Already a member? Make the most of your membership just: get started, get connected, and then get involved.

Questions about membership?
Call the Member Relations Team at 800-763-3132 (303-948-4200 in Denver, CO) or email
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