SME Meeting of the Members

According to the SME Bylaws, SME must conduct an Annual Meeting of the Members, “at which the new President is installed and those officers and directors standing for the election for the next ensuing terms of office shall take office”. The Society accomplishes this by holding an Annual Meeting of the Members at the Annual Conference and Exhibition. This is typically held on a Sunday afternoon at the conference hotel. SME will provide a public notice of the meeting no later than two weeks prior to its scheduled time.

The meeting typically includes introductions, a summary of the previous meeting minutes, a description of official procedures, the installation of new officers and a State of the Society Address. Members are given the opportunity to comment for or against the nominated SME Officers and Directors and to cast their ballots if they have not already been submitted by proxy. For more information, please contact Genny Homyack at

Please click below to see the most current Meeting of the Members Minutes.





View the 2019 Meeting of the Members Minutes (PDF)

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