What can SME Membership do for you?

Joining SME is one of the most important decisions you can make to enhance your career and add to your profession. SME Membership will allow you to stay informed with multiple publications and conferences and free access to OneMine.org. You can take advantage of multiple networking opportunities through the SME Community, networking events and much more. Additionally with your SME Membership you will receive a subscription to Mining Engineering magazine and access to the SME Membership Directory.

Changes to the SME Registered Member Qualifications

Effective January 1, 2016 -   the SME Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the SME Registered Member Admissions Committee to increase the minimum years of experience for Registered Member applicants from five (5) years to seven (7) and to designate an area of competency.

Learn more about these changes, please visit the SME Registered Member Qualifications.

This directory specifically lists Registered members of SME, which are members who preform specialized functions relating to reserve consulting and reporting.

The Member Directory includes over 15,000 professionals and is updated daily online through the SME Community. To access the member directory, login to the SME website or visit the SME Community...
Stay informed on who is serving on the wide variety of SME Committees and boards.
SME administers and presents numerous recognition awards for outstanding individual and group achievements in the minerals industry.
Local Sections
SME Local Sections facilitate the exchange of information and increase grassroots participation in SME programs and services around the world.
SME is organized into seven distinct divisions to better serve the diverse needs of its members.

SME committees including the Board of Directors, Standing Committees, Technical Committees, Councils and Conference Committees.
Young Leaders Program
Young Leaders provide young SME members with the opportunity for professional and career development.
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