Beneficiation of Phosphates: New Thought, New Technology, New Development eBook

Description: Beneficiation of Phosphates: New Thought, New Technology, New Development provides a comprehensive look into how industry leaders and the R&D community are responding to industry issues.

Fueled by climbing food prices, the demand for fertilizers in on the rise. The phosphate industry is responding aggressively by bringing significant projects on line across the globe.

But meeting this unprecedented demand comes with a host of challenges:
  • Environmental lawsuits have put a stop to one of the largest phosphate mines in the world.
  • Other operations are closing because of the depletion of phosphate reserve.
  • The increasing proportion of high organic and high dolomite ores has caused beneficiation costs to skyrocket.
  • There is a growing urgency for the sustainable development and recycling of phsophate resources.
  • Dozens of internationally respected experts provide insights on key breakthroughs that are on the drawing boards or being implemented today that will shape the industry in the years ahead.
Contents include theory and application, innovations and control, acidulation and hydrometallurgy, characterization and analysis, contaminants and equality, sustainability and the environment, and reagents and chemistry.
ISBN #: 9780873353595
Pub. Date: 2012
Author: Edited by Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, Hassan El-Shall
Format: eBook
# Pages: 392
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