Management Technologies for Metal Mining Influenced Water Series


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These handbooks describe the technical aspects of sampling, monitoring, mitigation, and prediction programs of the mine-life cycle. The audience for the series includes planners, regulators, consultants, land managers, researchers, students, stakeholders, and anyone with an interest in mining influenced water.

Set include:

  • 259-8: Basics of Metal Mining Influenced Water
  • 270-3: Mitigation of Metal Mining Influenced Water
  • 305-2: Mine Pit Lakes—Characteristics, Predictive Modeling, and Sustainability
  • 353-3: Geochemical Modeling for Mine Site Characterization and Treatment
  • 354-0: Techniques for Predicting Metal Mining Influenced Water
  • 355-7: Sampling and Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle
Format: Softcover

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