Certified Mine Safety Professional Recertification

Requirements for CMSP Renewal (more details)

As a mine safety and health professional, you must maintain a wealth of knowledge in order to effectively perform your duties. The Certified Mine Safety Processional (CMSP) credential gives mine safety and health practitioners a designation that symbolizes a depth of commitment to their profession. The designation indicates to your peers and prospective employers that you have a command of a body of knowledge that has been demonstrated through documented experience, rigorous testing, and a dedication to elevating safety and health practices. To renew your CMSP, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Renew your CMSP credential every five years.
  2. Earn 25 Professional Development Points per renewal cycle.
  3. Document and retain information on professional development activities during this time period.
  4. Submit a renewal application with payment by December 15 of your renewal year.

Hardship Renewal Extension and Guidelines

If a CMSP is short of the 25 PDPs for presentation, a hardship renewal extension may be granted for an additional 6 months. A request for hardship renewal extension must be submitted in writing by September of the renewal year. A CMSP should submit how many PDPs are still needed, and a brief statement to accomplish the PDP in the coming months. The IAMSH Board will approve extensions on a case-by-case basis within four weeks of receipt at SME. If approved, the CMSP will remain certified for the 6th year, and the new 5-year cycle for renewal begins in the extension year.

Please note: The renewal fee is due at the time of renewal, not at the end of the extension date.

Renewal Application and Deadline
The deadline to submit your renewal application with supporting documentation is December 15 of your renewal year. If your application is not received by this date, you will lose your credential and will be required to meet the new eligibility requirements and take the CMSP examination to regain your certification.


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