SME publications provide the most complete coverage of the mining, mineral processing and underground construction industries with news, feature articles and peer-reviewed technical publications.

Mining Engineering, the flagship publication of SME, is a monthly publication that covers the mining and mineral processing industries and includes current news, feature articles, peer-reviewed technical papers and society news. Its website, includes complete issues, an archive to 2004, daily news updates and a commodities ticker.

Tunneling and Underground Construction (T&UC) is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) and covers tunneling and underground construction. T&UC includes industry news, features and the Tunnel Demand Forecast in each issue.

Transactions of SME: Peer-Reviewed Technical Papers consists of three sections: all of the peer-reviewed technical papers from Mining Engineering, all of the peer-reviewed content of Minerals & Metallurgical Processing, and 15 to 20 additional new papers on subjects ranging from mineralogy to mine safety. Transactions remains the best single source of mine-related research from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and its easy-to-use index provides a shorthand overview of current critical topics in mining research. It is now available solely as an online subscription.

Minerals & Metallurgical Processing is an international, peer-reviewed quarterly journal that has been serving the mining industry since 1984. The journal fulfills a unique role as a forum where the findings of industry, university and government researchers and practitioners are given equal weight. Research and review papers are published on the basis of scientific and technological quality and relevance and cover a broad base of topics including essential mineral-processing techniques; modeling and simulation; optimization; industrial processes; economic and environmental issues; separation and purification; and plant design.

Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration is the all-SME journal that will be launched in 2019 in partnership with Springer, one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers. MME will start by publishing 70 peer-reviewed papers across six issues in even months, beginning in February 2019. Its scope will span the society’s broad fields of interest with three main sections: (1) Mining, (2) Mineral and Metallurgical Processing, and (3) Exploration. MME will be replacing Transactions of SME: Peer-Reviewed Technical Papers and Minerals & Metallurgical Processing in 2019.

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