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The International Institute of Mineral Appraisers (IIMA) is focused on valuations and appraisals of mines and mineral properties. Both the IIMA and SME adhere to and promote the Valuation Standards, also provided here, when performing valuations and appraisals. This educational resource is to supply access to the IIMA website and many of their SME Annual Conference papers on valuation and appraisal topics. An example paper is below in video format along with additional papers on Valuation and Appraising Content, Methodology, Discount Factor and Case History. Eventually, all IIMA papers will be available to SME members and public. (The papers reflect the opinions of the authors and not the IIMA or SME.)

Fundamental Elements of Mineral Property Value

There are many fundamental elements that contribute value to a mineral property. Accurate mineral property valuation requires detail consideration of all these areas and an understanding of the combined level of detail and development that must be achieved at various points along a timeline so as to properly consider each area’s respective contribution to overall property value.

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