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Fundamentals of Professional Ethics: Elements and Examples

Presented by David M. Abott Jr., Consulting Geologist LLC.

Everyone is in favor of good moral and professional ethical behavior but few have thought about them rigorously. What constitutes common morality and professional ethics? This webinar will explore the basic concepts and definitions of and the differences between common morality and professional ethics. This includes the distinction between moral rules and moral ideals. What steps are used to determine the legitimate basis for an allowable violation of a moral or ethical rule? What is the relationship between ethical behavior and integrity? Case histories will illustrate the concepts presented and the methodology of ethical analysis.


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SME's webinar series brings technical information to members who are not able to attend Annual or regional/topical meetings and short courses. The series features one-hour segments from prominent industry leaders. Each webinar will focus on a different aspect of our industry, from rare earths to HR issues and health and safety initiatives in the coal industry to the future for gold and more. SME Webinars are the perfect resource to earn additional continuing education credits.

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