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NEW: Mine Tailings: Perspectives for a Changing World

Nearly every recent article on tailings starts by mentioning a large tailings dam failure. This collection of papers is squarely focused on how we, as an industry, can collectively make changes that will eliminate catastrophic tailings dam failures and lead to better outcomes for the industry and society.

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Chemistry of Gold Extraction 2nd Edition

The Chemistry of Gold Extraction bridges the gap between research and industry by emphasizing the practical applications of chemical principles and techniques. Covering what everyone in the gold extraction and processing industries should know, this book is a valuable asset for all professionals involved in the precious metals industries.

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De Re Metallica

Originally published in 1556, Agricola's De Re Metallica was the first book on mining to be based on field research and observation-what today would be called the "scientific approach." It was therefore the first book to offer detailed technical drawings to illustrate the various specialized techniques of the many branches of mining, and the first to provide a realistic history of mining from antiquity to the mid-sixteenth century.

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Dictionary of Mining Terms

This edition, containing 28,500 terms, incorporates the technological developments and environmental regulations that have changed the minerals industry so dramatically.

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Economic Evaluations in Exploration

Economic Evaluations in Exploration is ideal for the economic geologist who deals with the evaluation of deposits at an early stage of development. It offers rules for quick and easy calculations based on the application of approximate data.

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Evaluating Mineral Projects

Whether you're an experienced evaluator of mineral projects, a student, or a decision maker who is not a practitioner but must use evaluation results, this book is an essential reference for your bookshelf. Designed to complement traditional engineering texts, this book emphasizes the concepts of mineral project evaluation rather than computational details.

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Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining

This practical step-by-step guide describes the key geological field techniques needed by today's exploration geologists involved in the search for metallic deposits. The techniques described are fundamental to the collection, storage, and presentation of geological data and their use to locate ore.

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How Mining Works


How Mining Works explains complex mining concepts in a way simple enough for those who are not familiar with the industry, yet thorough enough to be useful to long-time professionals.

Intro to Cut-off Grade Estimation

An Introduction to Cut-off Grade Estimation examines one of the most important calculations in the mining industry.Cut-off grades are essential to determining the economic feasibility and mine life of a project. Profitability and socioeconomic impact of mining operations are influenced by the choice of cut-off grades. Cut-off grades play a key role in estimating mineral reserves that can be publicly reported.

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Management of Mineral Resources

The mining industry's strategy for coping with low profitability has focused primarily on controlling production costs. Despite mechanization, automation, and other technical improvements, the aggregate profitability of mining still falls far short of that realized by most other industries.

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Applied Mining Geology

Applied Mining Geology provides a detailed overview of the operational principles of modern mining geology. It includes comprehensive descriptions of mining geology techniques, including conventional methods and new approaches.

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Mineral Economics and Policy

This book provides an introduction to the field of mineral economics and its use in understanding the behavior of mineral commodity markets and in assessing both public and corporate policies in this important economic sector. The focus is on metal and non-metallic commodities rather than oil, coal, and other energy commodities.

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Mineral Exploration & Mining Essentials

The mineral exploration and mining industry is a dynamic, diverse, and profitable sector involving a wide range of people in different stages of their professional careers and investments. At the same time, it is an industry based on applied science and technology with a lexicon not widely understood by many of these participants. This book bridges that gap. Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials is an indispensable primer for anyone interested in the mineral exploration and mining industry but who lacks experience in the field.

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Mineral Exploration: Practical Application

Mineral Exploration covers mineral exploration, mine evaluation, and resource assessment of a discovered mineral deposit. It helps readers understand the important concepts needed when searching for mineral deposits and understanding the chances of success. The book discusses the fundamentals of mineral resources composition, the formation of rock and mineral deposits, and the attempt to search for ore deposits. It includes details on how to conduct surveys and evaluations to arrive at a decision to open and/or carry out further exploration in an operating mine.

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Mineral Property Evaluation: Handbook for Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Less than 30% of the projects that are developed in the minerals industry yield the return on investment that was projected from the project feasibility studies. The tools described in Mineral Property Evaluation: Handbook for Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence will greatly improve the probability of meeting your projections and minimizing project execution capital cost blowout that has become so prevalent in this industry in recent years.

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Mineral Resource Estimation

Mineral Resource Estimation is about resource modeling. It discusses both theory and practice in sufficient detail for both practitioners and students. It avoids strict theoretical presentations, and focuses on practical adaptions that result in good resource estimation practices. As a bonus, case studies are included.

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Mineria Explicada

Mining Explained Has Been Translated to Spanish MinerĂ­a Explicada: Descubrimiento, Extraccion, Refinacion, Comercializacion, Inversion is the Spanish version of the ever-popular reference, Mining Explained. This layperson’s guide to mining is written for investors, students, and mining professionals.

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Mining Economics & Strategy

Economic skill is an essential partner to technical skill in every step of the mining process. An economic "mindset" begins before the first drill hole. This new book will help you effectively direct mining operations through the use of innovative economic strategies. The text covers what is meant by a cost-effective mining scheme, the economics of information, and the procedures for rational evaluation of uncertain projects.

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Mining Explained, 11th Edition

Mining Explained: Discovery, Extraction, Refining, Marketing and Investing explains mining in layman's terms. The scientific, engineering, and fiscal processes employed in the transformation of a mine prospect to a metal producer are all here, but simplified and spelled out in English.

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Mining Valuation Handbook

Equity markets have experienced turbulent times in recent years, particularly in resource valuations and commodity prices. In this international bestseller, Victor Rudenno once again provides comprehensive, current information on mining and unravels some of the mystery surrounding the resources industry. Now in its fourth edition, The Mining Valuation Handbook will assist those in the mining industry seeking financial information, as well as people in finance looking for characteristics of the resources industry in an economic light.

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Project Management for Mining

In today's world, when environmental and labor policies, regulatory compliance, and impact on the community must be factored in, you cannot afford to make a mistake. Written by two hands-on, in-the-trenches mining project managers with decades of experience who bring some of the world's most successful, profitable mines into operation on time, within budget, and ethically, Project Management for Mining gives you step-by-step instructions in every process you are likely to encounter.

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Responsible Mining

Mining can be environmentally and socially responsible - and still profitable. Even in this regulated, environmentally aware world, running a mine can be done safely, with combined goals of maximizing both the return on investment from extraction and the positive environmental and social impact that a well-run, responsible mine can offer. Responsible Mining: Case Studies in Managing Social & Environmental Risks in the Developed World is your comprehensive guide to addressing social and environmental risks at mines in the developed world.

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Risk Management in Evaluating Mineral Deposits

Risk Management in Evaluating Mineral Deposits walks you through the many-faceted risk evaluation you need to conduct before you invest your hard-earned dollars. Written by a mining professional with a strong background in technical and financial studies, risk assessment, and statistics, this book provides a detailed suite of tools so you can determine whether investing in a mining project makes sense for you.

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SME Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Handbook

This landmark publication distills the body of knowledge that characterizes mineral processing and extractive metallurgy as disciplinary fields. SME Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Handbook addresses the magnitude of traditional industry topics and also addresses the new technologies and important cultural and social issues that are important today.

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SME Mining Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition

New and updated information is represented in a concise, well-organized guide of important data for everyday use by engineers and other professionals engaged in mining, exploration, mineral processing, and environmental compliance and reclamation. With its exhaustive trove of charts, graphs, tables, equations, and guidelines, SME Mining Reference Handbook, Second Edition  is the essential technical reference for mobile mining professionals.

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