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Sept. 21, 2018

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Explore Advances in Tunneling Technology

The annual Cutting Edge Conference – now in its seventh year – has been designed to be a forum where industry leaders come together to discuss these challenges and share practical experiences on topical issues with a view to furthering the industry as a whole.

Organized in partnership by North American Tunneling Journal and the UCA of SME, the Cutting Edge Conference features a tailored, high-end single-track program of subject-specific presentations that focus on innovation and practical experience, as well as extended in-depth industry discussion sessions – which have become a trademark of this conference.

Seventh Annual Cutting Edge Conference
Safety Share: Stroke Awareness

When a person is having a stroke, his or her brain is not getting the blood it needs. Sometimes a stroke develops gradually, but more likely there are sudden warning signs such as numbness or weakness in the face, arms, legs or one side of the body. At the SME midyear meeting, I urged attendees to know the signs and use the FAST test.

If you suspect someone is having a stroke conduct this test:

Smile. Does one side of the face droop?
Arms: Raise both arms. Is one higher than the other? Do they have trouble holding one up?
Speech: Repeat a short simple sentence, like Mary had a little lamb. Is the speech slurred?
Time: If the answer to any of these is “yes”, call 911.

Provided by Tim Arnold, 2016 SME President
Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner with the UCA of SME at the 2018 Cutting Edge Conference!
Sponsorship Opportunities are going FAST! Secure yours now at sponsorships@smenet.org

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Get More Out of Cutting Edge
When You Take it Off-Site

The Cutting Edge Conference gives you the knowledge you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques being used today on tunneling projects throughout the world.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Take your conference experience deeper with the off-site field trip and technical tour to the City of Atlanta’s Water Supply Program on October 31st.

The City of Atlanta is currently constructing a $347 million Water Supply Program, including the conversion of a rock quarry which is more than a century old into a 2.4 billion-gallon raw water storage facility.

The project includes five miles of tunnel bore, and eleven shafts of various types and sizes. The tunnel is being mined by a TBM from a portal at the base of the quarry, and will connect the quarry to two water treatment plants and four pump stations. The project is being delivered using the Construction Manager at Risk model, an innovative contracting method that is fairly new to the tunneling industry.

And don’t miss out on the conference’s signature events!

Tunneling Short Course

Annual Tunneling Short Course
Tunneling Fundamentals, Practice & Innovations
October 15-18, 2018
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado

Keep Pace With A Dynamic Industry! New discoveries consistently leading to exciting breakthroughs make tunneling an industry with an almost unparalleled opportunity for innovation! This short course is designed so that you will come away with a clear picture of where this fast-paced and dynamic industry is heading.

Register today!

ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018

Join us in China for the ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018

From November 5 to 7, the leading international specialists in Tunnelling industry will gather in Chuzhou, China, for the CTUC Conference and a special day on November 7th, a one-day event dedicated to the presentation of the finalists’ projects followed by a banquet and the ITA Tunnelling Awards Ceremony.

See the finalists at https://awards.ita-aites.org/

UCA Young Members Enhance the Visibility of the Underground Industry
Join the UCA Young Members group in supporting the growth and development of the young engineers and professionals in the tunneling and underground construction industry who are interested in learning more about the profession, developing technical skills to use in the field, and sharing innovative technologies and research with the membership.

The group consists of people of all ages and backgrounds who believe the stability of the industry depends on the next generation of professionals. Join us for free monthly webinars and become a member of our SME community group (UCA Young Members) to keep up-to-date on university outreach, social events and discussions. More information can be found at http://community.smenet.org/ucaym/home.

UCA Young Members
Save The Date
George A. Fox Conference
January 22, 2019

UCA of SME holds this annual conference in recognition of George A. Fox's accomplishments in tunneling and underground construction and to help today's industry professionals learn from their peers about the challenges and the strategies for tunneling in populated areas. Mark your calendar and Save the Date!
Order the NAT 2018 Conference Proceedings

Capture all the Technical Content of NAT 2018 with the Official Conference Proceedings. The authors—experts and leaders in the industry— share the latest case histories, expertise, lessons learned, and real-world applications from around the globe. Available as an eBook, a USB drive, or hardcover book.

Find more tunneling and underground titles online at the SME Bookstore.
Attention Authors!

Join Our Growing List of Authors in SME’s Successful Book Publishing Program

We pair industry experts with publishing professionals to create quality products. If you have manuscript, a book proposal, or just a good ideal and want to work with an established publisher, contact Jane Olivier, Manager of Book Publishing at 303-814-1990 or olivier@smenet.org.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Video

The U.S. Department of Labors OSHA has announced that FAQs and training videos on the Agency’s standard for respirable crystalline silica in construction are now available online. Visits OSHA’s silica standard for construction page for more information.

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