Student Design Competition

What is the SME/NSSGA Student Design Competition?
The Student Design Competition was introduced in the fall of 2004 and culminated at the 2005 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Salt Lake City, UT. It is a two-stage competition involving a technical design stage and an oral presentation stage based on an aggregate mining industry design problem. It was felt that in combining these two categories of a technical solution and an oral presentation provided the basis for most engineering work once the students enter the mining industry. In this way the students can be involved in a “real world” engineering problem and solution prior to graduation. The teams will be judged on presentation skills, creativity, understanding of aggregate mining processes, and thoughtful methodology.

Check back for more information prior to September 23rd.

Say what?

Read what our past participants have to say about the Student Design Competition.

" matter the outcome of the competition this is a great opportunity to make connections with industry leaders and be part of a fun experience that will perpetuate your career. The purpose behind the competition is to build relationships and learn how to collaborate with different personalities. These are the things that you cannot be taught in a classroom, but through experience and this competition embodies that idea."

-Nancy Tracy, Montana Tech

"Do it. The experience and exposure to a real mining scenario, along with the industry knowledge and contacts you gain from such a unique project as this competition, are invaluable."

-Scott Hutchins, Virginia Tech

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