UCA Outstanding Individual Award

The UCA of SME Outstanding Individual Award will be presented to an individual (contractor, engineer, owner, supplier) for outstanding achievements in the underground construction industry.

Award Description: The Outstanding Individual Award recognizes those individual(s) who have made significant contributions to the field of tunneling and underground construction and to UCA of SME during the last two to five years as well as sustained involvement in UCA of SME activities and its various committees.

Please click on the nominate button below to begin the nomination process.

Deadline to submit your award nominations is October 31, 2019.

Award Recipients

Please select an award recipient below for more information.

2018 - David Klug
2014 - Lok Home
2012 - James Marquardt
2010 - Refik Elibay
2009 - Galyn "Rip" Rippentrop
2008 - Raymond Henn
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