2023 UCA Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Winner: Lion Nitschke

1st place photo by Lion Nitschke: (Click to expand)

2nd Place Winner: Philippe Matter

2nd place photo by Philippe Matter:
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3rd Place Winner: Martino Scialpi

3rd place photo by Martino Scialpi:
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Honorable Mentions(Click any photo to expand)

Honorable Mention: Lion Nitschke

Honorable mention photo by Lion Nitschke : Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Virginia “View of variable TBM "Mary's" cutterhead from the start-up seal.”

Honorable Mention: Wei Liao

Honorable mention photo by Wei Liao : Lake Lure, NC “Lake Lure Dam penstock rehabilitation project. Dr. Tom Iseley, a 77-year-old pioneer in underground infrastructure, is actively engaged on the frontlines.”

Honorable Mention: Jessica González

Honorable mention photo by Jessica González : Regional Connector Constructors “Cavern”

Honorable Mention: Hamid Rostami

Honorable mention photo by Hamid Rostami : Lowe Meramec Tunnel, St. Louis, MO “Setting up the Tunnel Boring Machine's conveyor inside the tunnel.”

Honorable Mention: Luke Ducey

Honorable mention photo by Luke Ducey : St. Louis, MO, USA “The launch shaft for a 6.8 mile-long tunnel approximately 200 feet underground in South St. Louis.”

Honorable Mention: Stephane Polycarpe

Honorable mention photo by Stephane Polycarpe : Pawtucket, RI “TBM assembly in shaft”

Honorable Mention: Mitchell Gerdau

Honorable mention photo by Mitchell Gerdau : U.S. 13, 32386 Lankford Highway Cape Charles, VA 23310 - Portal Island #1 “Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District's Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project”