Joining UCA takes civil engineering to the next level
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Most civil engineers never experience the exciting challenges our members face on a daily basis. Building structures that extend far beneath the surface of the earth is complex work. That’s why our members don’t just share trade secrets, we share a bond than runs deep.

When you become a member of UCA, you join an elite club of underground construction experts. All of us are committed to giving back to the industry and helping each other succeed. It’s why we encourage you to:

  • Join events and information exchanges
  • Network with other industry professionals
  • Share your expertise in underground construction
  • Get inspired and be recognized when you do great work

5 Key Benefits UCA Members Enjoy

We’re convinced you’ll experience the value of joining UCA in your very first month. Here are just a few of the benefits our members find most valuable:

#1: Knowledge

You'll benefit from these ongoing subscriptions:

  • UCA eNews (24 issues per year)
  • Tunneling & Underground Construction magazine (4 issues per year)
  • (unlimited online access)
  • North American Tunnel Demand Forecast

#2: Networking

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Attend the North American Tunneling (NAT) Conference and Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference (RETC)
  • Meet and exchange ideas with other underground construction specialists at conferences and events
  • Connect with more than 13,000 industry professionals in our online network

#3: Recognition

You'll get a chance to:

  • Win awards for your achievements
  • Join and lead committees
  • Publish your research

#4: Career Advancement

You'll gain access to:

  • Hiring managers, great companies, and amazing jobs
  • Our online career center with all kinds of employment opportunities, plus job posting packages if your company is hiring
  • Discounts on courses and certifications to grow your skills and move ahead

#5: Community

You'll get to know:

  • Professionals from every facet of the industry
  • Members from your region and across the globe
  • The most admired leaders and visionaries in mining underground construction

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