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Marcos Noronha


CEO and Managing Director at BraBo Co.

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Marcos Noronha, with BraBo Company in Brazil, reflects on his 24-year career in the tunneling industry. He started during the construction of a subway line in Brazil, later gaining insights from the tunneling industry in the United States. Attending the ITA conference for the first time, he found it enriching, connecting with individuals from diverse areas, including academia and industry icons.

Expressing enthusiasm for sharing experiences, Marcos looks forward to volunteering in the mechanization of excavation group. He believes in the importance of community and sharing knowledge. Marcos sees these events as more than just networking; they involve information exchange and collective growth. He discusses the social aspect of tunneling activities with Bob Goodfellow, emphasizing the societal benefits often overlooked by governmental agencies.

Marcos also values discussions with students, expressing concerns about the current state of academic freedom. He encourages students to visit him in Brazil, highlighting the beautiful city of Florianopolis and ongoing tunnel construction projects. Overall, Marcos sees these events as valuable opportunities for learning, cultural exchange, and broadening perspectives in the tunneling industry.