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March 23

Is Your Brain Keeping You From Recognizing Hazards

Is Your Brain Keeping You From Recognizing Hazards?


Hazard recognition research shows that workers only identify about 45% of hazards in their workplaces, primarily due to how our brains process information, as well as not using our tools to slow our pre-job processes.  Of the 55% of missed hazards, approximately 35% are missed because of cognitive biases and blind spots. Simply put, a cognitive bias is a break in our normal, rational judgement. While there are literally dozens of reasons why we stray from our rational thinking, in this presentation we will look at some of the cognitive biases and blind spots that could influence us into making an error. To be safer at work, we must be consciously aware of our biases and act against them when needed. 


About the Speaker: 


Korky Vault, Training Coordinator at EMCIS, has more than 30 years of health and safety training experience in both the environmental laboratory and mining industries.  Ms. Vault received her BS degree in Environmental Engineering and an MBA from Capella University. She holds the MSHA IS, IU and IN certifications and has developed and conducted training for MSHA Part 48 courses and OSHA courses on Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry and Hazard Communication.  In addition to believing that proper training will help prevent injuries and fatalities, she has a passion for understanding how our individual brain make-up can impact our daily lives, including safety in the workplace. 


March 27

M&E Division Quarterly Virtual Business Meeting

Save the Date for the March Mining & Exploration Division quarterly virtual business meeting. Bring a cup of coffee and a desire to learn more about the Division. M&E volunteer leadership will review current Division plans and recruit members to help with award evaluations as well as remaining session chair positions. Please join with us to learn about the division business as well as to provide feedback on new items that will be discussed. All SME members are invited.

Monday, March 27, 2023 6:00 pm MT