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December 5

2023 CMSP Review - December

Planning to pursue the Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP) credential, and looking for something to jump start your preparations? This 3-day virtual course is designed to provide a high-level review of the CMSP Body of Knowledge.

Attend this course to:

  • Refresh your foundational safety and health knowledge
  • Assess your strength and weakness around CMSP domains
  • Determine areas for further study
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Network with others interested in pursuing the CMSP
December 5

Using 3D Machine Vision AI System and Edge Computing to Optimize the Mine-to-Mill Performance

The recent advancements in machine vision systems such as 3D camera have proven to be a significant advantage in capturing critical real-time and processing over-the-edge computing devices that can give meaningful insights in real-time. In this paper we propose a unique setup to capture and process data real time using 3D machine vision camera system and applying deep learning models to detect the ore size, texture and characteristics using continuous rock flow video data. The insights are then instantly passed on to mill personnel for real time adjustment on mill throughput adjustment, blending and mixing etc. which results into significant optimization for overall mine to mill value chain.