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  • Challenges and Opportunities in Rare Earths 2022
  • Emerging Workforce Presents Challenges and Opportunities
  • Keys to Growing an Innovative and Productive Workforce
  • The Reprocessing and Revalorization of Critical Minerals in Mine Tailings
  • USGS Critical Minerals Review 2021 (The 2022 Critical Minerals Review is online now for SME Members)

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MINEXCHANGE Keynote, Embracing ESG to Build Trust in Mining Investments – A Panel Discussion

Addresses ESG – environmental, social, governance – and the issues it encompasses. It can be difficult for mining companies to navigate what is important and how best to report their performance, with numerous issues on the ESG agenda for the industry including tailings management, climate change and resiliency planning, mine closure, human rights, stakeholder engagement, and transparency, among others.

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