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Community & Networking Opportunities

  • Join the online SME Community to take part in valuable discussions with interest groups, committees, and sections
  • Meet other professionals and make job connections at our industry-facing conferences
  • Share your expertise by presenting at conferences or publishing papers
  • Build your leadership skills by volunteering for an SME committee.
  • Search our online directory and connect with 13,000 SME members across the industry
  • Apply for the BOD Internship Program for exciting opportunities to help shape the future of the society

Engaging Meetups & Events

  • Swing by Local Section events and build a network of mining professionals in your area
  • Go to MINEXCHANGE, SME's annual conference with countless educational sessions and networking opportunities
  • Attend technical conferences, meetings, short courses and webinars (see what's coming up in our events calendar)

Thought-Provoking Magazines, Journals, & News

Enjoy all of our insight publications:

  • Mining Engineering magazine (12 issues per year)
  • Tunneling & Underground Construction magazine (4 issues per year)
  • Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (MME) technical journal (6 issues per year)
  • SME's biweekly eNews

A Treasure Trove of Online Resources

  • Access, the world's largest repository of mining research with over 130,000 books, papers, and articles
  • Find job openings or your company's next great employee through SME's Career Center,

Ongoing Professional Education

Grow your industry expertise with SME's:

Amazing Discounts

  • Take advantage of our deep discounts on MINEXCHANGE plus other SME conferences, meetings, courses, and webinars
  • Build your library with discounts on SME's huge selection of publications

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