Health & Safety Division

As a member of the Health & Safety Division of SME, you have access to professional networking and leadership opportunities with peers who share your career objectives.

The Health & Safety Division of SME aims to provide a medium of cooperation between and among those directly engaged in all aspects of occupational health and safety issues as they relate to mining and related industries.

The Health & Safety Division provides a forum for the exchange of technical information, through the publication of papers, arrangement of meetings and programs and the encouragement of education on any subject related to mining health and safety. Current Division activities and investments include developing and administering:

  • Technical sessions for the SME Annual Conference

  • Awards for individuals

  • Monthly Mining Engineering magazine articles such as safety shares, synopses of important H&S topics, or notification of upcoming Division events – e.g., Certified Mine Safety Professional Exam (CMSP)

  • One-hour webinars

  • CMSP exam, preparatory course for the exam, and materials and practices necessary to obtain ISO 17024 accreditation.

Health & Safety Division Annual Breakfast

This event is a fantastic opportunity for division members to network while supporting the Health & Safety Division scholarships!

Many thanks to our generous sponsors!


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Health & Safety Division Bylaws
Health & Safety Division Operating Plan
Health & Safety Division Brochure

Health & Safety Division Meeting Minutes

2023 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2022 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2021 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2020 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2019 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2018 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 Health & Safety Division Annual Meeting Minutes

Health & Safety Division Committees

This committee will be responsible for developing new revenue streams and enhancing existing revenue streams by working in conjunction with the H&S Division executive committee and the H&S Division Strategic Plan. The committee works in conjunction with the H&S Division SME staff liaison to ensure appropriate execution of the sponsorship plan. Maintains contacts and records of sponsorship development efforts.

Name Position Start End
Mark N. Savit Chair 03/01/2021 02/28/2025
Dr Ali Lashgari Vice Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Scott Stilgenbauer Recorder 03/01/2021 02/28/2025
William M. Gleason SME Staff 05/24/2021 05/24/2025

The Committee shall have oversight of all activities within the Health & Safety Division.

Name Position Start End
Mr. John R. Loff-Peterson, CMSP, CRSP, CSP IAMSH Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2026
Pedram Roghanchi Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Kimberly Walster, CMSP Vice Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Emily J. Haas Past Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Lara Sims, CMSP Communications Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Elham Rahimi Nomination/Award Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Amy J Richins Program Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Adam Gregor Program Vice Chair 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Dr. Lee W. Saperstein Representative 03/01/2020 02/28/2026
Stephen Hall Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Lori N.H. Guasta, PHD Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Sigrid-Audrey Richard Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
William M. Gleason SME Staff 03/01/2015 02/28/2030

This committee will develop nominations for Division committees and the Division’s awards including, but not limited to: ensuring a representative slate of nominees (from the committee and the public), promoting and recruiting nominations for each award, providing a slate of nominees for each award to the S&H Division executive committee for their adjudication, maintaining confidentiality regarding all aspects of the nomination and award selection process, working with SME staff to ensure physical awards are prepared for presentation at H&S Division award breakfast at the annual SME conference and exposition.

Name Position Start End
Emily J. Haas Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Juan J. Monsalve, M.Sc Vice Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Elham Rahimi Co-Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Lara Sims, CMSP Member 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Dr Andrea J. Brickey, PHD Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Name Position Start End
Emily J. Haas Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2026
Darin R. Klewsaat, CMSP, CPG, PG Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2026
Dr Michael G. Nelson Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2026
Amy J Richins Member 03/01/2023 02/28/2025
Joseph Bucci Member 03/01/2023 02/28/2026
Monique Parker Member 03/01/2023 02/28/2025

Upon reaching a membership of 500, there shall be a number of committees, known as Technical Committees, each representing a discipline or specialty of Health and Safety issues of current interest for the purpose of technical programming, and the total representing the technical programming interests of the Health and Safety Division and providing the means for meeting these interests.

Name Position Start End
Dr. Eric A. Lutz, CMSP Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Brianna M. Eiter Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
Gerald Poplin Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2026
Sigrid-Audrey Richard Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
James Brown, CMSP Member 03/01/2024 02/28/2025
William M. Gleason SME Staff 03/01/2020 02/28/2025

Health & Safety Division Awards

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Health & Safety Division Scholarships

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