MPD Volunteer Interest Form

MPD Unit Committees develop technical content for the MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & Expo and provide a platform for discussion and dialogue on specific processing operations. Which of these MPD technical unit committees are you interested in? Tick all that apply:

In addition, MPD serves the community through various scholarship, education and award committees. Are you also interested in any of these MPD Committees? Tick all that apply:

Would you be interested in serving as a peer reviewer for the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal if the journal receives any papers that fall within your area of expertise?

Do you have an interest in other opportunities to be involved with MPD (content development, membership engagement, SME/MPD conference organizing, etc.)? Please describe below.

What is your field(s) of expertise?

Please list your previous SME/MPD involvement, if any