WAAIME Division

A rich history and bright future of giving

A Proud History: Over 100 Years of Service

In 1916, on Ladies Night at the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (AIME) meeting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, the women passed the hat for money to assist the fighting men in the trenches of World War I. By 1917, 50 women formed the Woman's Auxiliary to AIME and continued their charitable war efforts.  In 2008, WAAIME became a division of SME where they have continued their tradition of providing scholarships and supporting humanitarian causes.

A Passion for Service

The WAAIME objectives, as written by President Mrs. Lou Henry Hoover in her letter to her membership in February 1959, remain:

  • To render service to the country and to the community through all that pertains to the interest of the professions of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering. 

  • To promote philanthropic work and the interchange of ideas amongst its members. 

  • To devise and promote ways and means of procuring a fund and to maintain such fund for the purpose of assisting promising students to obtain a technical education in Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering and their allied subjects.

More than a Division: A Community

The WAAIMEs have continued their philanthropic endeavors throughout the years, including: purchasing books for mining camps, building libraries, awarding scholarships, providing emergency funding for university students, and supporting programs for teacher's education.

WAAIME Division Annual event photos

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WAAIME Division Meeting Minutes
2022 WAAIME Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2021 WAAIME Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2020 WAAIME Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2019 WAAIME Division Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 WAAIME Division Annual Meeting Minutes

WAAIME Division Brochure

WAAIME membership is open to any SME member. Simply choose WAAIME as your Division choice after joining SME. You may also become a member of WAAIME by contacting WAAIME@smenet.org.

WAAIME Executive Committee
An Eastern Representative, Western Representative and an International Representative make up the Executive Committee. The WAAIME membership nominates these members each November. The Executive Committee Members each serve a term of three years with the third year rotating into the Chair position. All three have equal voting rights, with the Chair presiding.

The Executive Committee is selected by nominations by the WAAIME membership annually. If you would like to nominate an individual to serve on the Executive Committee, or would like more information, you may email the WAAIME Division Coordinator at WAAIME@smenet.org.

Local Sections in mining communities in the U.S., Peru, Chile and Mexico with each section governed by their local officers make up the WAAIME Division of SME. Each section, as well as the parent organization, has several committees, including: Scholarship, Membership, Operation Practices, and other special committees (such as the 100th Anniversary Committee).

If you have additional questions, please contact:
WAAIME Division Coordinator
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
12999 E. Adam Aircraft Circle
Englewood, CO 80112
Email: waaime@smenet.org

WAAIME Division Committees

The Committee shall have oversight of all activities within the WAAIME Division.

Name Position Start End
Lydia M. Hull Chair 03/01/2023 02/28/2024
Susana Palomino Representative 03/01/2023 02/28/2026
Margaret Mansanti Representative 03/01/2022 02/28/2025
Kimberly D. Mills, PHD Member 05/16/2023
Jennifer Kenner Member 05/16/2023
Michelle Kroeger SME Staff 07/01/2021 02/28/2050
Name Position Start End
Lydia M. Hull Chair 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Luz Del Carmen Morales Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Susana Herrera Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Sherry S. Cushman Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Lilian Escobar Gonzalez Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Susan Harwood Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Winfrey Hearst Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Gail Lafrentz Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Daphne D. LaPointe Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Laura Luevanos Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Elisabeth M. Price Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Darlene S. Ramsay Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Maria Isabel Saavedra Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Toni A. Wantland Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Hilda Bradshaw Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Winnell Burt Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Dixine Hale Member 08/03/2015 02/28/2025
Margaret Ann Bays Member 08/03/2016 02/28/2025
Karen F. Jass Member 05/21/2018 02/28/2025
Michelle Kroeger SME Staff 07/01/2021 02/28/2050

WAAIME Division Awards

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WAAIME Division Scholarships

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