Registered Member Program

Registered Member Program

The SME Registered Member Program was created in response to members who perform specialized functions relating to reserve consulting and reporting and need to satisfy the overseas requirement as a Competent/Qualified Person (QP) in that they belong to a Recognized Overseas Professional Organization (ROPO). To be accepted under ROPO guidelines, SME is bound by the following terms:

  • Members are geologists, engineers and geoscientists admitted primarily based on academic qualifications and experience.
  • Members agree to observe and be bound by a code of ethics.
  • SME has disciplinary powers to suspend and expel members.


Registered Member Qualifications

  • Applicants must possess a university degree from a U.S. accredited university or a recognized overseas university*, and
  • Applicants must have a minimum of seven years of professional experience**, of which at least three must have been in a position of responsibility, defined as one in which the individual was depended on for significant participation, management and decision making relevant to their respective area of competency***, and
  • Applicants must satisfy and demonstrate one of the following conditions:
    • Licensed or Certified in a state of the United States that is a member of the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG).
    • Certified by the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) as a Certified Professional Geologist.
    • Professional Engineer (PE) licensed or certified in a state of the United States, (PEng) licensed or certified in a province in Canada.
    • Professional Geologist (PGeo) in a province in Canada or
    • The applicant will need three endorsements from three current SME Registered Members.
    • Those serving as endorsers**** must complete the Verification Form below.

SME Registered Member Verification Form

*University degree must be in fields related in various ways with the discovery, extraction and utilization of minerals, metals and energy sources. Applicants must submit transcripts with their full coursework that confirms graduation in a related field. If more than one degree was earned, then the applicant must at the very least submit the degree and transcripts most relevant to the applicant's situation leading them to apply to the SME Registered Member Program.

**Professional experience must be in the mineral and extractive industries, or in government, educational, research, professional or commercial organizations concerned with those industries.

*** Areas of competency are Geology, Resource Modeling, Geotechnical Evaluation, Engineering, Mine Design, Infrastructure, Metallurgy and Processing, Environmental, Marketing and Financial Analysis, and Other (Please Specify)

****Those serving as endorsers must satisfy the following criteria: they must have worked directly with the applicant for a minimum of one year and they must be current SME Registered Members. The form must be sent directly to the SME office in Englewood, Colorado. An online Registered Member Directory is available to the public.

Apply for Registered Membership

To apply for SME Registered Membership the following documents and actions must be submitted before the committee will consider the application for review:

  • Complete an application: SME Registered Member application

  • Personal Statement indicating why the applicant is seeking SME Registered Membership; and
  • A complete curriculum vita or resume with chronological detail for all work performed within and outside the industry, not just representative projects; and
  • A copy of their diploma and official transcripts showing full coursework; and confirming graduation (see above for education requirements).
  • Review and accept the terms outlined in the SME Code of Ethics; and
  • Proof of current licensure or certification in accepted certified options

  • Three verification forms submitted by three current SME Registered Members; verifiers must be submitted directly to SME headquarters

If you are already a member of SME and are interested in upgrading your status from Professional to Registered Member, simply submit your completed Registered Membership application and supporting documents to SME. Not a current SME member? Complete the full Registered Member application.

  • email documents to

  • fax documents to 303-973-3845

  • or mail documents to SME Registered Membership, 12999 E Adam Aircraft Cir, Englewood, CO 80112


For questions regarding the Registered Member application process please contact SME at 303-948-4200 or


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