MEC Partnership Appreciation Award

This award acknowledges a non-SME individual or organization which has exemplified support for the MEC’s mission either through development and use of educational materials with K-12 teachers and students or public outreach and awareness about mining and minerals. The MEC Partnership Award is a framed certificate and a $250 check to the individual or organization for the purpose of sustaining their involvement in minerals and mining education outreach.

Past Award Recipients:

2021 - Pittsburgh Coal Mining Institute of America

2020 - Kentucky Coal Association--Tyler White

2019 - Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association

2018 - Minnesota Museum of Mining

2017 - Minerals Research Laboratory (MRL)

2016 - Amautas Mineros Association

2015 - Daphne LaPointe of the Nevada Bureau of Mines

2014 - Paradise Valley Unified School District's MineZone Program

2013 - Women in Mining Foundation

2012 - Mining Foundation of the Southwest

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