MEC SME Organization Recognition Award

This award pays tribute to an SME group effort which has demonstrated active involvement with the MEC's efforts either through development and use of educational materials with K-12 teachers and students, or public outreach and awareness about mining and minerals. The MEC SME Organization Award is a framed certificate and a $250 check to the group for the purpose of sustaining their involvement in minerals and mining education outreach.

Past Award Recipients

2023 – Central Wyoming Section of SME
2022 – Not awarded
2021 – Not awarded
2020 – Not awarded
2019 – Northern MN Subsection of SME
2018 – SME Central Appalachian Section in collaboration with the University of Kentucky Explosives Research Team (UKERT)
2017 – SME Washington, DC Section
2016 – SME Colorado Section
2015 – SME Pittsburgh Section
2014 – SME Florida Section
2013 – SME Minnesota Section

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