Miner of the Year Award

The Miner of the Year Award was established by the Mining & Exploration (M&E) Division in 2012 and was first awarded in 2013. It is presented to a person in recognition for getting “Rock in the Box.” This award is designed to recognize mine-site leaders who are able to manage production, people, community, safety and be good stewards of the environment and is funded by Atlas Copco, Inc.

Past Award Winners

2023 – Rodney Sample
2022 – Melissa Harmon
2021 – Vern Goglio
2020 – John D. Welsh
2019 – Mel K. Lawson
2018 – Andrew P. Cole
2017 – Kurt W. Keskimaki
2016 – A. Clayr Alexander
2015 – Tom M. Goodell
2014 – Clyde H. Peppin
2012 – Cherie M. Tilley

For more information, please contact SME at awards@smenet.org.x