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2022 SME Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Winner: Karly Winfield

1st place photo by Karly Winfield: (Click to expand)

2nd Place Winner: Yulissa Alva Usquiza

2nd place photo by Yulissa Alva Usquiza:
(Click to expand)

3rd Place Winner: Rishabh Kaushal

3rd place photo by Rishabh Kaushal:
(Click to expand)

Honorable Mentions(Click any photo to expand)

Honorable Mention: Jai Anand

Honorable mention photo by Jai Anand: Open cast coal mine at night with LHD (Load, Haul, Dumper) system

Honorable Mention: Estefania Aramayo

Honorable mention photo by Estefania Aramayo: Mining drill boring into the ground with a worker nearby and rainy background

Honorable Mention: Juan Bernal

Honorable mention photo by Juan Bernal: Close-up of a geologist hammer with mountains in the background

Honorable Mention: Aibyek Khamkhash

Honorable mention photo by Aibyek Khamkhash: Hard hat, safety glasses, and flashlight on a desk, with a radio and laptop in the background

Honorable Mention: Richard Krok

Honorable mention photo by Richard Krok: Mine worker in a salt mine using a long-range scanner

Honorable Mention: Juan Monsalve

Honorable mention photo by Juan Monsalve: Underground tunnel illuminated with purple and green light, at the Nemocón Salt Mine in Colombia

Honorable Mention: Eric Poeck

Honorable mention photo by Eric Poeck: Close-up of a mining drill rig drilling into a stone wall

Honorable Mention: Richard Stringer

Honorable mention photo by Richard Stringer: Black and white photo of a double boom jumbo drilling a bench

Honorable Mention: Karly Winfield

Honorable mention photo by Karly Winfield: Two workers in the back of a mine rescue vehicle