Young Leaders Committee

The Young Leaders Committee (YLC) develops and strengthens young professionals in the mining and underground construction industry while adding value to the entire SME organization.

As a member of the YLC you will find opportunities for personal development, chances to gain and share professional knowledge, and professional network growth, as well as the ability to provide development opportunities to others. YLC members work within SME to reach student chapters, the general public, and provide value to SME members throughout the year.

Organizational Structure

See how the YLC is organized and how you can get involved.

Meet the Class of 2021

The Young Leaders Committee Class of 2021

YLC Alumni Page

Many notable SME members got their start in the YLC.

YLC Members:

•    Join a growing professional network in SME.
•    Represent and encourage a critical demographic in our society.
•    Develop and promote professional development activities and content.
•    Support students and student chapters entering the industry as young professionals.
•    Gather and share technical information.
•    Foster longterm SME engagement.
•    Engage the mining industry and local communities



Each year, energetic young professionals who have demonstrated leadership abilities and the desire to become more involved with SME join the YLC. Members of the YLC serve a term of four years and work with other members of the committee to develop critical components of SME and the YLC. Applications are open to all members of SME who are 35 years of age or younger and meet at least five of the leadership criteria listed on the application form.

Upcoming Happy Hours

March Happy Hour

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The Importance of the Career Development Grant

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